Students can enjoy a once in a lifetime experience abroad

Kirkwood Community College is known for its leading short-term study abroad program nationally and internationally. This year Kirkwood’s Global Learning department has announced that they are moving ahead with study abroad opportunities at this time. Specifically, the Nepal trip for the business program is moving forward as planned [Continue Reading »]

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"Red Shoes. Strong Women"

Students gain hands-on experience: Apparel Merchandising and Design Program hosts digital magazine

Kirkwood Community College offers more than 130 programs and majors. One of these programs is the Apparel Merchandising and Design program, which has grown from an average 13 students to 23 students in recent years. According to Elisha Stanley, the only instructor and advisor to the program, “Within [Continue Reading »]

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‘First Generation Thursday’ teaches students college skills

At Kirkwood there is a program that recognizes first-generation students and helps them learn important skills and tricks for college. What determines a first-generation student? Any student whose parents did not graduate from a four-year college is a first-generation student. That means even if students have older siblings who have graduated [Continue Reading »]

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