• Learning Commons: Provides academic help
    The Learning Commons has taken steps to support Kirkwood Community College students in their academics with a wide range of services. Located in 2071 Cedar Hall, students can make appointments or drop in for assistance. “Learning Commons is for everyone. It’s for group work. It’s for improving your … Read more
  • New anatomy and physiology lab provides academic help
    The new Anatomy and Physiology Student Success Center (APSSC) is now open to students. The center is available for most students, but it’s primarily a studying environment for students in the Anatomy and Physiology field. According to Lab Operation Coordinator April Bohnenkamp, “This is a space for students … Read more
  • Library renamed in recognition of outgoing college president
    Kirkwood Community College’s library is being renamed the Sundberg Library and Learning Commons. According to Executive Director of the Kirkwood Foundation Jody Pellerin, the library is being named for Kirkwood President Dr. Lori Sundberg and her husband, Rick, in recognition of their generous fi nancial support to the … Read more


  • Campus librarians are here to help
    If you need help, one of the first places you should stop is the library. Think of us as the front door of the college. We give you room to work, a place to meet, we pump materials in and out the door, provide online resources, help with … Read more
  • Jazz station broadcasts live in Linn Hall
    If you’re in the mood to groove, tune into 88.3 FM, Iowa’s only jazz station. Located on the second floor of Linn Hall at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, is the home for DJs and staff members who work year-round at the station. Dennis Green, general manager … Read more
  • Stay bright with summer reading from the library
    CONTRIBUTED: The end of the semester is near. Soon you will turn in your last paper and complete your final final. You will be off to do what you do in the summer; working, taking classes, or maybe some planned nothing. Whatever it is, we know you’re busy, … Read more
  • Underrated, unofficial, everyday holidays
    Nearly every day, there seems to be a strange holiday that no one has heard about such as National Dog Day on March 23, National Candy Day on Nov. 4, and of course the day this article is published, National Star Wars Day on May 4.  However, Star … Read more


Kirkwood Student Productions

Art & Life

Big Band Madness

By Matthew Brehm, Opinion Editor & Liz Schultz, Staff Writer

Kirkwood Jazz Ensemble
  • Diversity takes center stage
    In a vibrant display of unity amidst diversity, Iowa hosted its annual Intercultural Festival on Sept. 10. Lowe Park came alive with the rhythms, flavors and colors of cultures from around the world, as students, faculty members and the community came together to celebrate the rich tapestry that … Read more
  • Jazz band under new direction
    Kirkwood Community College welcomed a new band director this year, Blake Shaw, a well-known local musician and educator.  Shaw is filling in the role of previous band director Joe Perea, who received a teaching offer in the Netherlands. Perea was part of the program for over a decade … Read more
  • Big Band Madness jazz
    On Saturday, April 15, the Kirkwood Jazz Ensemble and Kirkwood Jazz Orchestra performed in Ballantyne Auditorium. Following their performance, the Cedar Rapids Big Band—also directed by instrumental music professor Joe Perea—was filled with lots of jazz tunes, talent and soloists.  The first two jazz bands played four and … Read more
  • ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ film follows typical storyline
    As the popularity of tabletop role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons skyrocketed over the years, it’s no surprise a movie of the fandom came with it. However, due to the flop of 2000’s “Dungeons & Dragons” film, there’s no doubt there was a lot skepticism for this … Read more

Capture Kirkwood


  • Building connections, skills and a safe place:Invoking spoken word as a voice for students
    Kirkwood Community College should invoke a spoken word event or club to give students the ability to share and voice their opinions, struggles and fears while building connections, confidence and character to then apply to their daily school life and classes evoking their creativity and self-awareness. According to … Read more
  • Dormitories: A soft landing for freshmen
    Starting college can be difficult for many reasons. For most students, it’s the first time they’ve ever lived away from home. They are taking on a class load that is challenging and time consuming. They are meeting new people and starting new ventures every day. As a way … Read more
  • Study Abroad at Kirkwood: A way to new places
    There are 195 countries in the world and The United States is only one of them. Over these past few years, international travel has taken a hit, especially after the 2020 pandemic. The PEW Research Center stated that of March of 2021, the number of Americans traveling internationally … Read more
  • Kirkwood Alert: The app that protects
    Any day, something unexpected may happen. A sudden snowstorm, power outage or fire drill can affect student class schedules. Fortunately, Kirkwood has an emergency notification system to warn students about time sensitive issues. All students need to do is provide a phone number or e-mail to receive the … Read more

Jazz Up Your Study Session!

KCCK Jazz 88.3

Images courtesy of Contributed, Alex Niermann | Kirkwood Communiqué, Max Locher and KCCK