• Making online study work for you

    Kirkwood Community College offers many online classes to take. The classes are guided by an instructor and hold students accountable for their work, while also making it flexible to take college classes from home or around the world. In many …
  • Campus offers a variety of study spaces

    Kirkwood has a beautiful and large campus. There are several places that students enjoy studying on campus including the student center, Iowa Hall, the Library, Cedar and Benton Hall, Nielsen Hall and Linn Hall. These areas accommodate several rooms and …
  • Plagiarism should not apply to resume formatting

    Since the beginning of our schooling lives, we have been told of the evils of plagiarism.   This is something every child growing up in the United States school system is taught since first grade. Every language arts class in …
  • Cutting costs as a college student

    As a college student, finances can get tight. The trope of the Ramen-noodle-eating pupil does, unfortunately, hold at least a little truth.  For those who are fresh out of high school and living on their own for the first time, …
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