Presidential Inauguration

BY Liz Schultz, Managing Editor

Dr. Fisher receives the Presidential Medallion from Jim Mollenhauer Chairman at the Presidential Inauguration of Dr. Kristie Fisher on Wednesday,Feb.21, 2024.The event was held at Hotel Kirkwood.(Jeff Sigmund Photographer)
  • Blood typing event
    Blood typing event: Advertising class organizes event to promote blood drive If you’ve ever wondered what your blood type is, the process is as simple as a finger prick. A free student-led activity by the Kirkwood Principles of Advertising class, taught by Tara Allen, marketing professor, organized the [Continue Reading »]
  • Holocaust survivor shares stories of childhood
    Erika Schwartz, a survivor of the Holocaust, spoke in Ballantyne Auditorium at the Holocaust Lecture on Tuesday, April 2, 2024. At 79 years old, she was just a year old when World War II ended.   Schwartz and her mother, Jolan Hornstein, were the only members of her [Continue Reading »]
  • ‘Celebrating Black Excellence’
    The theme of this year’s first Kirkwood Black Student Union (KBSU) gala was “Celebrating Black Excellence.” After several long months of preparation, on March, 30, 2024, the club’s hard work paid off.  The gala was held in Iowa Hall and the evening consisted of more than 60 attendees [Continue Reading »]
  • Global Spotlight: Indonesia culture
    “Wonderful Indonesia.” This is the slogan used by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism, and from what has been shared by the Indonesian exchange students at Kirkwood Community College, it is a title that is well deserved. Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia between the Indian Ocean and the [Continue Reading »]


Alumni brings coffee to hometown

By Jeff Sigmund, Photo Editor

a woman looking at a camera
Hope Carson, Kirkwood Alumni ( class of 2019) and owner of Recharge Coffee Company takes a moment from helping customers to have her picture taken on Thursday,Feb.08, 2024.(Jeff Sigmund Photographer)
  • Pride Club offers support, awareness of LGBTQ+ issues
    Can you tell us about how this club got started? There was a need for a safe space and community for LGBTQ+ folks here at Kirkwood and many issues facing us LGBTQ+ folks here so we decided to group up and discuss these issues. We also have a [Continue Reading »]
  • Student finds busy schedule challenging, rewarding
    Maya Harris, a freshman at Kirkwood Community College, is both a fulltime student and employee and says she has a different outlook on college life.   Harris said she has to be consistently organized throughout each week and plan out her days precisely in order to maintain good [Continue Reading »]
  • End of semester support at the library
    Kirkwood’s Library staff are here for you as you finish up spring semester and look forward to a well-deserved break as we head into summer! We have: • The research, citation and technology support you always get from the library • Exam Cram on Thursday, April 25, with [Continue Reading »]
  • Best Buddies, new club on campus, connects students
    How did the club get started? The Best Buddies club is new to Kirkwood this year.  Best Buddies is widespread across the United State in many schools.  It is a nonprofit organization that was America’s widespread social and recreational program specifically for people with intellectual disabilities.  Many of our [Continue Reading »]
  • The ride of a lifetime, Michael Colleran
    For some, it can be difficult to get outside and enjoy recreational activities. But, Kirkwood Community College Psychology Professor Michael Colleran has been riding bikes since he was a kid and has now turned it into a passion.   Growing up outside of Philadelphia, Colleran lived in a [Continue Reading »]


Kirkwood Students Pet’s

Kirkwood Student Productions

Art & Life

Super Smash Bros. tournament at Rec Center

By Morgan Webb, News Editor

Players work on selecting their characters during Let The Games Begin. The event was on Thursday,, Feb.29,2024. Kirkwood’s Staff Association, eSports and Casual Game Club held the event which was in Iowa Hall.(Jeff Sigmund Photographer)
  • Model Training Day for upcoming show
    The end of the spring 2024 semester is approaching. For the Kirkwood Community College fashion students, it means a lot of preparation for the Opulence Kirkwood Fashion Show on April 21. There are between 20 and 30 students who are currently working on the show.  Morgane Jambor, financial [Continue Reading »]
  • ‘The Girl Who Swallowed a Cactus’
    Kirkwood Community College’s spring production is a show targeted toward children called ‘The Girl Who Swallowed a Cactus.’ The play will be performed on Thursday, March 28, at 6:30 p.m. and Saturday, March 30, at 2 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.  “We picked this play because we knew we [Continue Reading »]
  • Super Smash Bros. tournament at Rec Center 
    On Thursday, Feb. 15, the Rec Center hosted the annual Super Smash Bros. tournament in the main hall.  Students were invited to come and compete with one another in the popular Nintendo video game.  This is the 10th time Kirkwood has hosted a video game tournament, according to [Continue Reading »]
  • Untitled flash fiction
    Tonight my brother takes me to where we’ll meet up with his buddy, friends since high school, he’s a hazard of a man, scrawny, anxious, has a habit of picking at his skin until it bleeds, follows that by licking the blood from under his nails, and my [Continue Reading »]
  • Mentalist Brian Imbus presents in Iowa Hall
    Hypnotism is a silent conversation between a hypnotist and a person’s body language.  A shift in weight, eyes darting or twitching, or uneven breathing patterns communicate what someone is thinking about.   On Jan. 25, Brian Imbus, a self-taught mentalist and hypnotist, performed a mentalist show on the [Continue Reading »]

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  • Mandate mental health education
    Some students may overlook the importance of mental health education, but it should be mandatory for all college students. It will help us see diverse perspectives, understand ourselves better and reduce misunderstandings. Mental health education and awareness are especially important as mental health issues such as anxiety and [Continue Reading »]
  • Paper books still superior to e-books 
    Books are one of the most important inventions in history and have evolved throughout the centuries into today’s modern book. Whether you have free time, or it is a hobby, there are several benefits to reading books.  But, which is the better option, e-books or paperback? I prefer [Continue Reading »]
  • Dear diary, why you should journal
    Long ago in days now passed, journaling used to be a hobby that nearly every literate person would partake in. Now it has gone by the wayside in favor of social media and the internet. However, journaling can still be an extremely beneficial hobby.  According to, keeping [Continue Reading »]
  • Instant satisfaction, electronics and the impact 
    In an era defined by the evolution of the digital age and technology, instant satisfaction has become prominent. From just holding a phone in your hand, to clicks of a button on the internet, the desire for instant satisfaction has grown.   Children are being introduced to electronics [Continue Reading »]

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