More than 20 colleges across the U.S. have canceled spring break in hopes of lessening the number of on-campus outbreaks of COVID-19. The list of colleges that have canceled spring break include the University of Iowa, Iowa State, Ohio State and now Kirkwood Community College has followed suit. >>>Read More

Thank You USA

By Jean Desire Kouassi

Kirkwood Exchange Student from Côte d’Ivoire

2019-2020 Communiqué Social Media Manager

  • Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden on Student Issues

    With a debacle of a presidential debate televised on Sept. 29, many major issues that affect college students were overlooked.   It can be hard to understand how Democratic Candidate Joe Biden’s views differ from Republican President Donald Trump’s views on …
  • Let’s rethink group projects

    Kirkwood Community College has taken many steps to lessen the chances of students and employees contracting COVID-19, like closing campus from March to August, requiring students to use masks while on campus, cleaning their work spaces before and after class …
  • Got COVID-19?

    In mid-March my dad was diagnosed with cancer. That alone was terrifying but at the same time COVID-19 had become a global pandemic killing people with compromised immune systems. Schools, churches and bars were closing and sporting events were being …
  • Editor opinions: Wearing masks

    Debra McRoberts Outreach Coordinator Although I completely understand the importance of masks, it does make everyday tasks a bit more difficult, and many agree that masks are an inconvenience in our day to day life.   I personally struggle with masks …
  • Returning to school

    The last few months have been hard for everyone, and to be honest I don’t think anyone thought we wouldn’t return to campus until the end of August when we left for spring break last March. Many of us lost …
  • No Internet, More Problems

    During the aftermath of the derecho last month, many had lost power and access to internet. While most had power restored by the start of the fall semester, many students are still without internet.   With most classes being held online, …
Outstanding Student List

Juana Jones

2019-2020 Outreach Coordinator

James Dykeman

 2019-2020 Managing Editor

Alexis Haggstrom

 2019-2020 Creative Director

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