Elizabeth O’Brien, International Students Coordinator for the Community College Initiative program at Kirkwood, at work on Thursday, April 8, 2021. Photo by Jessica McWilliams.

  • The many advantages of keeping a daily planner

    CONTRIBUTED: Planners have been around for years, and knowing how stressful being a student can be, they should be brought up more often by teachers. Planners have helped people learn how to manage time and stress in many situations.  Planners are necessary when learning how …
  • Free contraceptives for college students: A possible solution to a long-known problem

    CONTRIBUTED: Free plan b medication, a crazy idea, is slowly gaining attention as a cost saving masseuse to the burden of child rearing at a young age.   It is a known fact that plan b medication is expensive, and for often broke …
  • Gov. Kim Reynolds and Senate File 413

    Students who thought voting was already difficult are out of luck.   On Wednesday, Feb. 24, the Iowa House of Representatives passed a bill with a vote of 57-37, with the approval of every Republican representative and every Democrat opposing it. …
  • Class environment is anti-social following COVID-19

    Editor’s Note: This article does not promote unsafe behaviors regarding COVID-19. These are merely reflective thoughts on the writer’s experience and does not represent the opinions of the Communiqué or Kirkwood Community College.  From the perspective of a student who shows up occasionally …
  • (Almost) Free college is the answer

    CONTRIBUTED: In America, nearly 70 percent of students graduated in 2020 with student loan debt around $29,000, according to www.studentloanhero.com.   Graduates of universities and community colleges are entering the workforce saddled with debt. Current, left-leaning political trends call for erasing …
  • Why should you care about HB531

    In addition to the current state of our government (ongoing pandemic, recession, lag in education, etc.), comes an added problem: The HB531 bill.   What is HB531? It is a 48-page bill with more than 60 voter suppression laws that were …
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Juana Jones

2019-2020 Outreach Coordinator

James Dykeman

 2019-2020 Managing Editor

Alexis Haggstrom

 2019-2020 Creative Director

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