The flags on campus were lowered, per Gov. Reynolds request, to honor the victims of the escape attempt, as seen on March 28, 2021. PHOTO BY JESSICA MCWILLIAMS.

Student Josh Baily on his first visit to Kirkwood’s student farm in 2017. In his arms is a newborn piglet that was just a few hours old. PHOTO CONTRIBUTED.

  • We the people demand change

    Within the first four months of 2021, there have been a total of 142 mass shootings, ranging from 35-48 each month, with a total of 162 killed, and 539 injured. Yet, even with the hundreds who have been injured or have died due to these shootings, there is still …
  • Biden’s border problem is proof of political hypocrisy

    When former President Donald Trump was in office, it was common to criticize his border wall and his increased support of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) as if they would undermine the leftist ideal view of diversity or make America …
  • College students can succeed during the pandemic

    CONTRIBUTED: The Coronavirus pandemic has been a struggle for many people around the world. One of the most impacted groups is students. They have had to endure a plethora of changes to make sure they still received an education while …
  • 4 Ways to have the best high school experience

    CONTRIBUTED: Many students going into high school, or who are already in high school want to know how to have the best experience and leave with the most memories.   Take part in many school activities.  What I learned by going …
  • The many advantages of keeping a daily planner

    CONTRIBUTED: Planners have been around for years, and knowing how stressful being a student can be, they should be brought up more often by teachers. Planners have helped people learn how to manage time and stress in many situations.  Planners are necessary when learning how …
  • Free contraceptives for college students: A possible solution to a long-known problem

    CONTRIBUTED: Free plan b medication, a crazy idea, is slowly gaining attention as a cost saving masseuse to the burden of child rearing at a young age.   It is a known fact that plan b medication is expensive, and for often broke …
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