Dance Marathon raises money for children

BY Yixiang Lee Wei, Art&Life Editor

Dancing students
On Feb. 5, 2024, Kirkwood Dance Marathon hosts a participant night.
  • CCI students showcase diversity 
    In a display of community engagement and cultural exchange, Community College Initiative students from Kirkwood Community College recently went to Garfield Elementary School to participate in a vibrant Cultural Fair.  This collaboration not only showcased the diverse talents of CCI students but also provided an experience for elementary [Continue Reading »]
  • Black Student Union club provides opportunities
    After formalizing as a group in May 2023, Kirkwood Community College’s Black Student Union started in the fall semester with a mission.  As a new group of leaders have taken center stage. According to the leaders, they have built a union within their school to foster a connection [Continue Reading »]
  • Transitioning from Honduras to Iowa
    Editor’s Note: The interview with the ESL student was conducted in Spanish, and the translation to English was made by the author of the article.   Many people come to the United States to start a new chapter in their lives. They are looking for better opportunities but also [Continue Reading »]
  • ‘Black Women Walking’
    Award-winning production features all female cast “‘Black Women Walking’ educates and entertains,” director Kevvin Taylor, Iowa native, stated when speaking about the success of the American production.  Making its debut at Kirkwood Community College in Ballantyne Auditorium on March 2 and 3, the cast has traveled all across [Continue Reading »]


Alumni brings coffee to hometown

By Jeff Sigmund, Photo Editor

a woman looking at a camera
Hope Carson, Kirkwood Alumni ( class of 2019) and owner of Recharge Coffee Company takes a moment from helping customers to have her picture taken on Thursday,Feb.08, 2024.(Jeff Sigmund Photographer)
  • Students invited to ‘Big Event’
    Can you tell us a bit about how this club got started?   The club got started back in 2010. It was actually started working alongside Mount Mercy University and Coe College. After a few years of working together the decision was made to have each school have their [Continue Reading »]
  • Alumni brings coffee to hometown
    The following is a Q&A with Kirkwood Community College Alumni Hope Carson (class of 2019). She and her husband, Jordan, co-own Recharge Coffee Company in Van Horne.  How did you choose to go to Kirkwood and what was your major?  My major was, or it started out as, [Continue Reading »]
  • How Seasonal Affective Disorder affects students
    The weather is warming up and the sun is coming out, so many students may be feeling better than they have in a while. Many have heard of ‘the winter blues’ or seasonal depression but may not fully understand it let alone know that many suffer from it [Continue Reading »]
  • Green Bandana Project dedicated to preventing suicide
    College is a tough time for many. It’s a huge change that can be hard to navigate. According to the Green Bandana Project, suicide is the leading cause of death among college-aged students with depression being directly linked to suicidal behaviors. About 12% of students report having had [Continue Reading »]
  • Databases of videos available at the library
    Do you know the library has videos? I don’t just mean the collection of DVDs you can check out, but actual databases of streaming content you can get to with just your k-number and Kirkwood password.  On the Sundberg Library website look in the box labeled Find: for [Continue Reading »]


Kirkwood Students Pet’s

Kirkwood Student Productions

Art & Life

Mentalist Brian Imbus presents in Iowa Hall

By Morgan Webb, Feature Editor

speaker with microphone
Mentalist Brian Imbus performs in Iowa Hall on Jan. 25, 2024.
  • Super Smash Bros. tournament at Rec Center 
    On Thursday, Feb. 15, the Rec Center hosted the annual Super Smash Bros. tournament in the main hall.  Students were invited to come and compete with one another in the popular Nintendo video game.  This is the 10th time Kirkwood has hosted a video game tournament, according to [Continue Reading »]
  • Untitled flash fiction
    Tonight my brother takes me to where we’ll meet up with his buddy, friends since high school, he’s a hazard of a man, scrawny, anxious, has a habit of picking at his skin until it bleeds, follows that by licking the blood from under his nails, and my [Continue Reading »]
  • Mentalist Brian Imbus presents in Iowa Hall
    Hypnotism is a silent conversation between a hypnotist and a person’s body language.  A shift in weight, eyes darting or twitching, or uneven breathing patterns communicate what someone is thinking about.   On Jan. 25, Brian Imbus, a self-taught mentalist and hypnotist, performed a mentalist show on the [Continue Reading »]
  • Human trafficking speaker Kristina Glackin
    In honor of Human Trafficking Awareness Month, Kristina Glackin, a poet and former Kirkwood Community College student, spoke in Iowa Hall on the first floor stage on Jan. 30.  She shared stories of her childhood, her human trafficking experience and her process of recovery from it all.  Glackin [Continue Reading »]
  • Choir performs tribute to historical women
    Voices of some of the various impactful women in U. S. History filled the air in Ballantyne Auditorium on Friday, December 1 as the choir put on a performance featuring quotes from figures such as Ruth Bader-Ginsberg, Kamala Harris, and Michelle Obama in the ‘Washington Women’ ensemble. Dr. [Continue Reading »]

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  • Venture on a road trip this Spring Break
    Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker, Louis Armstrong, Swing, Be Bop, Cool Jazz, Kind of Blue, Time Out, A Love Supreme, The Reno, The Blue Note, Village Vanguard, are musician names, music styles, albums and clubs related to jazz music.  If you are not familiar with jazz, that is not [Continue Reading »]
  • Taking the bus is the better choice 
    From elementary through high school, many students had to take the bus to get to and from school. In college, most students who attend community colleges drive their own cars.   The reality is, taking the bus is not a common practice for many students. But, the 380 [Continue Reading »]
  •  InstaPlay! unleashes creative spirits in students 
    As a student navigating the hustle of the college life, I can’t help but feel a sense of excitement whenever I hear about events like InstaPlay! In my eyes it is more than just an event, it’s an invitation into the world of creativity.   For many of [Continue Reading »]
  • Money is a daily necessity and part of life
    The United States is more than a billion dollars in debt, but money is needed in every day life. This includes paying for food, water, shelter, and transportation. Not everyone has access to money, but it is a necessity in order to live a healthy life and take [Continue Reading »]

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