Thursday Oct. 10, 2019

Don’t be haunted by old social media posts


Many college students today know what they post on social media can come back to haunt them later in life. However, what they may not realize is that posts which may be considered allowable today, will not always be acceptable. One example of this is what happened to Guardians of the Galaxy Director James Gunn.   

Gunn made tweets several years ago with themes of pedophilia and rape, which were by no means okay but was  accepted because thats was how Gunn caught attention  in the cut throat world of movie directing. However when these tweets resurfaced several years it ended up contributing to him losing his job with Disney. Gunn did apologize for the tweets and eventually did get his job back but this has not always been the case.   

Unfortunately, companies will pay little attention to when these posts were made and how old you were at the time. This was the case with Iowa State student Carson King, who was 16 when he quoted Tosh.O on Twitter. These tweets resurfaced when King became a local celebrity, raising money for the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.  

Due to these tweets, one of King’s biggest sponsors, Busch Light, reacted by ending its deal with him. Since then, King has recovered and made a new deal with a different brewery.  

The Gunn and King cases are not unique. Their social media posts came into the spotlight once they were in the public eye but in many cases, posts can affect you before you even get a job. 

We are all human and will make mistakes. We also cannot change what has already been done. However, we can move forward and work on marketing our best selves on all social media platforms. 

A few tips for social media are think before you post is the best advice. Do not share or comment on other posts with information that could potentially harm your professional career. 

October entertainment is finally here

BY Sophie Gray, Staff Writer

October is finally here. As I am getting back into my normal “school routine,” I am realizing the need to prioritize my time to make sure that I accomplish everything necessary. That includes all the fall activities that I have waited to do all year long.  

The following is a list of the top things I would like to do this October. It was so hard to choose what to include because everything is so exciting. 

Somehow, I managed to narrow it down to my top five favorite fall activities which I would highly recommend everyone to do this October as well. 

Carving pumpkins is always a highlight. Sitting on the front steps with the pumpkin at your feet, cutting the pumpkin top off at just the right angle, and digging through the slimy pumpkin guts to get all the seeds out to save for later.  

 I would just like to declare that apple orchards are the move this and every other fall. First of all, there is not a better apple than a fresh one picked yourself and for some odd reason, apple picking is just so much fun. 

One of the best parts is that it is a super fun place to go with anyone, your family, friends, or a date.  

Haunted houses are killer fun. There is nothing more fun than being persuaded by your friends that going in the back of the line will not be that bad until you are actually crying from being so scared by the stabbed clown in back of you.  

Watching Halloweentown is an ‘oldie but a goodie’ that I have to watch every single year with my friends. Or, if Halloweentown is not for you, sit down with some popcorn and watch another Halloween movie. Nothing puts you in the Halloween spirit more than that.  

Baking is my all-time favorite thing to do in October. The absolute best part is that you can either choose to give these creations away or you can practice good selfcare and keep the whole pan to yourself. 

Prioritize these and your other fall bucket list ideas and you will have a great October. 

Cafeteria Pizza takes a bite out of the competition

BY Nikko Francois, Feature Editor

Pizza is one the most popular foods on campus and a lot of that pizza comes from the cafeteria, which in my humble opinion makes the best pizza in town. 

I say this not because its conveniently located in the middle of the school and served all day everyday in a wide variety of flavors. It’s also very quick to eat and easy on my wallet. 

When I’m hungry, running late for my afternoon class, or low on money, I always go for the cafeteria pizza.  

Going around campus and asking people what they thought of the cafeteria’s pizza I got a lot of different responses. 

Only one person said they did not enjoy pizza, which I only assume they must have only tried the most horrible pizzas to have such an opinion. 

Everyone else who answered told me they really enjoyed it. Asking them what their favorite flavors the cafeteria served yielded the top three to be the Bacon Mac and Cheese, Chicken Pesto and Pepperoni. 

PHOTO BY Bureze Ndako
One of three pizzas tried during a best pizza competition on Oct 3.

This was just in the small number of people I was able to ask but clearly every flavor option has its large number of fans as you can see cafeteria employees popping new pizzas into the oven throughout the day. 

Curious to see how the cafeteria ranked to its competitors in the area, some of us at the paper bought a couple pizzas from two different local establishments – HyVee and Paul Revere’s Pizza. 

We decided to go with pepperoni to keep it simple. We put each pizza into a blank box and had our recipients try a slice from each. 

The results came back with the cafeteria’s pizza being the most popular with the other two tied for second. We would have liked to include Pizza Hut in our not so scientific study but they were closed that morning. 

The cafeteria’s pizza is not to be dismissed. We are lucky at Kirkwood to have such a great cafeteria, as many colleges do not have such a selection, especially for pizza.  

Did I mention they even serve breakfast pizza early in the morning? So the next time you are hungry and have $3 in your pocket, head over to the cafeteria for a slice of the best pizza in this area.

Sick of Christmas before Halloween 

BY Jessica Mcwilliams, Opinion Editor

I believe it is too early to start putting out Christmas decorations in stores. 

Christmas can be a stressful time for college students. Money is often very tight and we have to balance our time studying for finals, working and traveling home to see family.  Christmas is also a cause of debt; many stores offer layaway and credit card options that they do not offer throughout the rest year. 

I think the media puts a great deal of pressure to out decorate and out bake what your neighbors do, major television networks shows like the ‘Great Holiday Bake Off’ that starts airing in the months leading up to Christmas amps up the stress.  

I think that stores create FOMO, or fear of missing out, by putting out Christmas decorations before Halloween. 

By not buying the newest fanciest decorations it can start to feel like you have less Christmas spirit or are less of a Christian. 

There is also a great deal of pressure to buy the best present for friends and family even if it is out of budget. Buying gifts out of budget and paying with credit cards can really hurt college students. Student credit cards often have high interests and can leave students with debt that lasts for years. 

The focus of the holiday used to be spending time with your family, helping those in need and religious traditions. Now Christmas has become a reason to get into fist fights over TVs at 6 a.m. the day after Thanksgiving, instead of sleeping off grandma’s turkey and apple pie.  

Now Christmas and Thanksgiving have become days you try to outdo your relatives on how much you spend. 

Sales associates are being told to come earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving night as major retailer stores start opening after lunch. That means over worked underpaid associates get stuck breaking up brawls over Tickle-Me-Elmo’s when they would rather be at home wishing they had worn yoga pants to dinner and not skinny jeans. 

I think putting Christmas decorations up before Halloween just feeds in to retail stores money grab. We should enjoy holidays one day at a time. 

Spending time with our families should be more important then stressing about whether or not our Christmas tree was perfectly decorated.


The rise and fall of respect in modern society


Today’s world is full of different views, understandings and opinions that have allowed humanity to become what it is today.

It is also because of this that the value of respect has changed and some may argue is almost non-existent anymore. Respecting people’s beliefs has seemingly been an issue as old as time and there have been wars over which religion is right.

The United States of America was built upon the foundation of religious freedom and immigration to help develop our culture.

Demanding respect has become a serious issue that some people have today. It used to be that a person worked hard to earn a level of respect among their peers but with the modern youth composing of Millennials and Generation Z, the perspective has changed quite drastically.

For example, it is almost expected of new employees to think they are on the same level as the veteran of the trade.

For the general public interaction, it could be as simple as putting the phone down at checkout when shopping or holding the door open for the person behind them.

It is these traits that have become the most lost over time and leave many thinking that common sense, decency and courtesy have are lost and gone forever.   

In addition to giving respect to everyone, there are some people that have earned a higher level of respect that is not given to them. A veteran or active service member of the United States should always be given the utmost respect.

While not all have seen combat, they have all signed on knowing they could be sent into an active war zone any day. It is not just veterans but also doctors, law enforcement and public city workers who deserve this reverence.

Without these individuals, some who put their lives on the line, society would come to a halt. They tend to be overlooked the most but with a little effort, this can be changed.

Respect can mean something again, even with simple acts of kindness such as helping a neighbor remove snow or helping unload the groceries for that elderly person in the store parking lot can make a big impact.

Remember that we never know what battles someone is fighting and it doesn’t take a lot to make a difference in someone’s life.

Public transportation is convenient, affordable

BY Denny West, Staff Writer

Alternative ways to save money and prevent hassle are always focal points on a college student’s radar. It is important to remember local public transportation options as they provide benefits that meet needs of students and are cost effective, even if you own a vehicle.

This is where your friendly metro bus system, Cedar Rapids Transit, comes into the picture.

Many of us have been on a school bus when younger but public transportation is a whole different scenario.

For the most part the buses here in town are pretty clean.  There may be the occasional Dorito’s wrapper or piece of paper on the floor but nary anything that would cause harm.

Sure, the winters bring slushy shoes tramping through aisles and slightly messy windows but that’s the norm for winter around here, isn’t it?   

The schedule is typically reliable and relatively convenient. They generally run out of the main terminal downtown at 15 minutes after the hour.  At certain times on Route 7, the Kirkwood route, they go every half hour.   

Obviously, this means you have to make plans and adjust accordingly but it’s not that bad and I have always used that as a reason to get some work in while commuting.

Here’s the best part: Public transportation is affordable not only for academic but personal needs as well. As a Kirkwood student with your EagleCard, there is no cost to ride Route 7 and other discounts are available with Saturdays being free all day no matter why or where you are riding.

A pass can be obtained in the Allsop Lab in Nielsen Hall, along with information about stops and times around campus.

So, with this option being a reasonable solution to transportation woes, why doesn’t everyone take the bus? The question here becomes the answer: All the crazies use public transit, right?  Nothing could be further from the truth my friends, especially on Route 7.

Sure, there are some frustrations but really nothing in life comes easy or without challenge so when looking to move about the city and campus, keep in mind that public transportation is a decent solution and can be a resource to be utilized without much effort or cost.

So, get some information on campus or visit www.cedar-rapids.org (hover over “For Residents” then choose “City Buses”), make a plan and see if your local bus system can help you achieve your goals. You may even get a laugh, learn something you didn’t know or make a friend or two along the way. Enjoy the ride!

Success comes with time, patience and perseverance

BY James Dykeman, Managing Editor

Successful people seem to share common traits. Among them are not being afraid of failure, the courage to get back up after falling down and the willingness to face challenges that are often based on vision and faith.

Where does one find the strength to carry on, persevere and push past the overwhelming feeling that sometimes it all just might be too much? Where do those who achieve their dreams get the energy, motivation and courage to do what appears impossible to others?

While it may not be obvious to some, students at Kirkwood Community College are shining examples of those willing to take the next steps forward; One foot in front of the other to go the distance until one day, each will look back and see that the journey has been completed.

Currently, it may seem daunting. One may be at the starting point and new to the pressures of school, family and/or work, resulting in a feeling of spinning in circles. Perhaps self-doubt is creeping in, making one feel as though they may not be capable of crossing the finish line.

Whenever it seems like you’re in over your head and cannot continue, try to remember the thousands young and old who have come before and stood where you now stand. They found the strength inside to push forward with the support of their peers, counselors, teachers and friends. Grasp the new opportunities each day offers to change course and turn the ship around.

Take advantage of the moment and start again. Join a club, seek out a tutor and invest in yourself by reaching out through one of the many resources available on campus. Whatever challenges you face on the road to success, KCC offers pathways to see you through and an army of dedicated staff committed to your success.

It’s acceptable to pause and collect your thoughts, then strap in and continue marching confidently forward in the direction of your dreams. If you stumble today, shake it off and step up again tomorrow. All around us are examples of what can be accomplished when we strive for more, reach beyond today and don’t allow ourselves to give up.

The buildings around us, cars we drive and technology in our pockets are just a few examples of everyday items utilized by billions that were created by those who first began with nothing more than an image in their mind and the will to see it through.   

The most important element of being successful lies within us all. With a little courage, we all can prove we are capable and have the strength to step through any open door, from day one until the day it’s done.

Planning ahead will help stay atop responsibilities

BY Cheyenne Williams

Even with the distractions of summer surrounding us, starting the semester off right is an established skill that can be just as important as studying or testing well. Taking on higher education can be quite a challenge, even when you’ve done it before.

I first attempted to attend college in the fall of 2013, right after I had graduated from a small, rural high school. When I attempted to go to college that first time, I found myself in a position I was ill-prepared for.

I took early morning classes that were lectures of more than 100 students at a state university where I felt lost in the sheer number of others. I also took on a major and several courses that I had no interest in so I was not prepared for the coursework involved. I ended up withdrawing and largely regretting that whole semester.

When I began at KCC, I made sure not to make those mistakes a second time. I set myself up for success rather than failure. A typical class at Kirkwood has 30 or fewer students, so it was definitely easier to make friends as well as understand my instructors and what was expected of me.

I made sure I was interested in the classes and their content. If I knew I would struggle, I made an effort to fully understand the material or got help from an advisor, counselor or the instructor.

Another choice I found of great importance was participation in campus clubs and arts. I found friends and a feeling of community that I didn’t had before and made the point to feel like I belonged and had a place here. Kirkwood has a wide range of sports, arts, clubs, and organizations for any student to choose from.

My last piece of advice is for students to understand their identity. Know your limits and what’s expected of you and you may discover that you can surpass them.

Know your interests and the best learning environment for you and find the best way to set yourself up for success. Build friendships, find a community and realize that those around you want to succeed and grow just as much as you do.

YouTube is more than just another streaming site

BY Juana Jones, Editor-In-Chief

YouTube has been around the last 14 years and has grown into one of the world’s largest online streaming services. It can hold larger videos at higher resolution, as well as process the millions of uploads put in daily. It has since grown and offers a number of services such as music streaming, movie rental and educational resources.

YouTube has the largest selection of free music in the world. It holds countless artists ranging from big names such as Lady Gaga and the Jonas Brothers to lessser known muscians who may only have 10 views.

Although the site has lost popularity due to Amazon Video, Netflix and Hulu, YouTube does still offer online video rentals and purchases. The prices range anywhere from $3 to $20. This varies depending on the age of the movie or television series, how long the video or movie is and also how popular it is.

YouTube is also now an encyclopedia of knowledge. A person can look up in-depth videos of topics ranging from practical use like how to brew beer to impractical uses like how to read a person’s palm.

I personally have used the services to learn about subjects ranging from physics to sword making. I also know a number of people who call the site YouTube University because of the wide skill set that can be learned for free.

Although in recent years YouTube’s popularity has dropped due to other streaming sites starting up, nothing made in the next 10 years will be able to be as versatile as YouTube.

Image courtesy of admin | Kirkwood Communiqué