• Purple paint laws needed nationwide
    According to Iowa.gov, Senate File 2101 makes changes to Iowa’s trespassing law.  If a property owner living in an unincorporated area places purple paint around their property on trees or fence posts, entering the property is forbidden and constitutes trespassing, effective July 1, 2019.  I bet you’re wondering [Continue Reading »]
  • Tragedy strikes on the set of ‘Rust’
    I want to say first, that the shooting that happened on set of “Rust” was tragic. There is a young child that will never see his mother again and that is heart breaking. My heart also goes out to the director that was hurt as well as Alec [Continue Reading »]
  • Take time for empathy
    I love movies and the fascinating process required to make movies. Camera techniques, stunts, visual effects, miniature models, CGI, intricate sets, costumes and talented actors are all combined to create the magic of movies.  My love of the art of filmmaking, in part, explains the sadness I felt [Continue Reading »]
  • Some heroes wear camo
    Veterans Day is on November 11th it was originally a day to commemorate the end of major hostility of World War I, originally known as Armistice Day. It became officially known as Veterans Day in 1954.   Kirkwood has many students and employees who have served in the [Continue Reading »]

Sept. 11, A day to remember the sacrifices made

Jessica McWilliams, Managing Editor | Sept. 10, 2021

I was thirteen on Sept. 11, 2001. I have lived more of my life in a post 9/11 world then a pre 9/11 world. That day I learned that hatred is powerful. I learned that people on the other side of the world in a country I had never heard of hated our county so much that they flew planes into buildings and killed thousands of innocent men, women and children…

9/11 Memorial

Staff Editorials

  • The hour is upon us: Activity Hour chaos
    Just when students may think there are not enough hours in a day, remember that everyone has a full 24 at their disposal.  Studies have shown that effective time management and organization helps mitigate even the most chaotic of situations.  Therefore, as a result, students have all become [Continue Reading »]
  • Veterans deserve good healthcare
    When a recruit signs up for the military, they swear an oath that they will go where sent, follow orders of the commander-in-chief without question and protect the United Stated and its interests even at the cost of their lives. We owe our military members a depth of [Continue Reading »]


  • Iowa should require masks for all schools
    CONTRIBUTED: Recently, the Ft. Atkins, Wisc., school board voted to approve mask mandates for all students and staff. However, it took the death of a teenage student for them to take action. On Sept. 14, Judge Robert Pratt blocked Iowa’s ban on school mask mandates. Some schools immediately [Continue Reading »]
  • It’s up to you to save the world
    CONTRIBUTED: My generation has failed you. Your government and business leaders have failed you. The first warnings appeared 50 years ago. Warnings of a runaway freight train hurtling toward us like a cannonball with only one target: Us. But the collision was years away. There was time. The [Continue Reading »]
  • College students can succeed during the pandemic
    CONTRIBUTED: The Coronavirus pandemic has been a struggle for many people around the world. One of the most impacted groups is students. They have had to endure a plethora of changes to make sure they still received an education while staying safe from the virus. College students have [Continue Reading »]
  • 4 Ways to have the best high school experience
    CONTRIBUTED: Many students going into high school, or who are already in high school want to know how to have the best experience and leave with the most memories.   Take part in many school activities.  What I learned by going out for sports is that they made me [Continue Reading »]

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Image courtesy of Jessica McWilliams