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Finals Advice

One of the most important things we need to do to be prepared for finals is to get a good night’s rest. While it’s difficult to keep a nightly routine, having one can improve memory, moods and both mental and physical health. 

It can be hard to fall asleep due to the stress of the fast-coming tests. Try to stay off your phone and other electronic devices like computers, tablets and TV. Try reading a book before going to bed. Another way is to lay down and try breathing exercises. There are different kinds such as the 5-5-7 method or the 4-4-4-4. While doing the breathing exercises, relax you body. Start at the fingers and toes, then the arms and legs, then the rest of your body. 

Another tip to help prepare for finals is to rewrite your notes. While it can feel tedious and is time consuming, you’re not only reviewing your notes, but actively paying attention to them instead of staring at a wall of words. And you could also make better notes, which can be very helpful if the test is open book.  

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