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Wind and Jazz Ensemble Lunch and Listen Concert review

The pandemic has proven difficult for the Performing Arts Department at Kirkwood Community College but that hasn’t stopped students from honing their craft.  

The Lunch and Listen concert was a delightful showcase of all the hard work students and community members put in to deliver a concert with meaning and joy.  

The live stream started off with Joe Perea, director of Instrumental Music, introducing each piece of music with an explanation of why each piece was chosen and showcasing featured players of every song throughout the concert.  

The Wind Ensemble’s first piece was a “Harry Potter Medley, featuring Piper Ideker and Liz Adams on flute.  

The second piece was introduced by discussing the Black Lives Matter movement and Perea asked the audience to think of it as they listened to a beautiful rendition of “We Shall Overcome” by Lisa Gavin 

The third piece was an uplifting version of “Hope Springs Eternal” by Steven J. Pyter, filled with the sentiment that spring brings a sense of renewal and hope. 

The last piece played by the Wind Ensemble, “Triumphs!” by Joshua V. Hinkel, was a nod to the light at the end of the tunnel. Perea explained to the audience that what they were hearing was eight weeks of collaboration between students and community members.  

Most of them had recorded themselves on camera phones and sent in their performances, which were edited together to bring viewers this wonderful concert. He said that it was a triumph working all the performances into one cohesive piece.  

The Jazz Ensemble then showed their stuff. The first piece performed was a fun and funky piece called “Z’up Dude” by Bob Turner. This featured Carter Wolford on trombone and special guest Tye Male on tenor sax. This was a fun groove and both soloists brought the funk.  

The final selection for the concert was in the spirit of Mardi Gras. The Jazz Ensemble played “Hey Pocky Way,” arranged by Eric Richards. This featured Ben Trachta on guitar, Clayton Kwater on baritone sax, Zach Bromwich on bass, John Eliff on drums and Tye Male still on tenor sax.  

This was a fun way to end a theme from dark to light and revealed at the very end that the students didn’t know how their music would sound all put together until this performance. 

For those who are lovers of music and art, support the people who make it and help the Kirkwood Arts and Humanities by following their Facebook and Instagram pages to join them on the next performance.  

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