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Elizabeth O'Brien

Travel, meet and learn: A priceless experience

CONTRIBUTED: From an international student who studied science (genetics and genetic counseling) to an exchange students trainer to the International Students Coordinator for the Community College Initiative (CCI) program at Kirkwood Community College, Elizabeth O’Brien has had many experiences. A native of Palatine, Ill., O’Brien shares her experience [Continue Reading »]

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Netflix’s new mother and daughter series, ‘Ginny & George,’ is society and diversity in one

 CONTRIBUTED: A strong-willed mother with a not-so-good past moves to Wellsbury, a suburban community in Massachusetts with her two children after the death of her millionaire husband, in search of a new-beginning.   This 10-episode series stars actress Brianne Howey (Georgia Miller), newcomer Antonia Gentry (Virginia aka Ginny Miller), [Continue Reading »]

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