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Campus Views: If you could change one aspect about Kirkwood, what would it be?

Kirkwood student Aboubacar Gbane
Aboubacar Gbane, Business Administration

I was astonished to see that our sports teams only play in competitions with other schools. That is great but it could be better. We could have a team in each department. 

Kirkwood student Jennifer Masumbauw
Jennifer Masumbauw, Social Media Marketing

 If I have any suggestions for a better Kirkwood, I hope Kirkwood can provide an ATM… probably at the Café in Iowa Hall.

Kirkwood student Mpho Sekati
Mpho Sekati, Agriculture

I would change the landscaping to show the diversity of indigenous plant species of nature around Kirkwood. 

Kirkwood student Ishika Singh
Ishika Singh, Emergency Medical Technician

 Kirkwood could have some language clubs in Spanish, Hindi, French, Swahili, or Arabic.

Kirkwood student Riza Munandar
Riza Munandar, Project Management

I would say caddy carts that would transfer people over from one building to another one. It would help us a lot to walk less and go faster to class to be on time. That would be useful for people with disabilities and during winter.

Images courtesy of Daouda Coulibaly and Daouda Coulibaly | Kirkwood Communiqué

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