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‘Ali’ a must watch film starring Will Smith about social struggles of boxer Muhammad Ali

CONTRIBUTED: Viewers everywhere are expressing the greatness of the film “Ali” as it covers not only the great career of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali but also explains the obstacles that stood in front of him in society.  

Ali is played by Will Smith who is well known for his acting in numerous award-winning films. Smith really embraces the character of Ali making the experience more real. Jamie Fox, another superstar in in the film business plays the role of Ali’s manager giving a performance that viewers saw as excellent.  

The film draws in an audience by taking viewers back in time and showing the significance of the life of Ali. Viewers can expect to experience several different emotions while watching the film but all together gaining more knowledge on social issues that America still faces today.  

Through the various fights that Ali was a part of in the boxing ring and out of it show the importance of equality and freedom in The United States. Ali has much bigger opponents in life than the opponents he has in the boxing ring due to his skin color and choice of religion.  

Watch and enjoy the thrilling story of the battles that Ali and other Black Muslims faced during the period of time presented in the film. The film was released 20 years after the retirement of Ali and 15 years before he passed away. The events and messages held in this film were still relevant over 30 years later and still are to this day showing the importance of the things occurring in this movie.  

Ali was an influential character not only in the boxing world but in society as well. Ali fought certain ideas and laws that restricted his freedom to be himself giving many African Americans the courage to stick up for themselves and other Black Muslims the courage to express their beliefs.  

The acting in this movie makes the viewer seem as if they are really watching the life of Ali. Smith, who is a profound actor and influential person in society, brings out emotions and actions that make the viewers understand the significance of the events.  

This film is a must watch movie especially for young Americans. The importance behind the messages of this film and the ideas that Muhammad Ali expressed are things that should be taught to young generations as well as older. Societal issues like the ones in this film still take place today and it is necessary for people in this society to be educated on the topic.