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Jonesy roams the halls

Monstrous Tyrannosaurs Rex Jonesy has been found disguised as a witch for Halloween at Jones Hall commons. PHOTO BY JUANA JONES

It was just supposed to be a practical joke as revenge on our professor. We would break into Jones Hall during the middle of the night and egg his office. You see, he had just failed the class on a group project claiming that we did everything wrong regardless of us completing a working model.

We chose to do it on Halloween night because if caught, we could explain why our faces were covered. 

Jackie worked in the main office for work-study and was able to snag a key to the building and office.  Jill, who worked part-time at Party Town, was able to get us costumes and would be able to get them back after we were done. We wanted to leave no evidence that could be traced back to us.

We decided to meet up at 10:30 at my apartment in Village East and would walk up the rest of the way so campus security would not see a car.

Everything had been going as planned. We got in and egged his office. We should have stopped then but we found that our classroom was still unlocked.

We covered everything. Cleaning the room would take weeks, and we hid some eggs so it would take even longer. Unfortunately, it took time, and when we were done, it was 11:59 p.m. We started to leave when we heard a sound way too familiar. Metal being scraped across the ground. We ran as fast as we could to different hiding spots. I jumped into the CNC mill, Jackie hid behind the teacher’s desk and Jill ducked behind a robot station. 

It was hard to hear if the scraping had stopped from where I was hiding but I saw that Jackie had come out from under the desk. Then the main door leading to the classroom came flying off the hinges and Jonesy came storming in. I could not believe my eyes the metal tyrannosaurus rex made years ago by the CNC and Industrial technologies classes was moving on its own.

It charged at Jackie and struck him sending him flying into the wall 20 feet away. As his body crumpled to the ground, I saw blood smeared on the wall. I knew Jackie had died. There was no way he could have survived. Jonesy then came up to Jackie’s dead body and started to eat him. I could see his entrails as Jonesy lifted up his head for a moment. It was then that Jill must have seen what happened to Jackie because she let out a blood-curdling scream.

Image courtesy of Juana Jones