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Payton Schwiebert Honors Project Portfolio

The following contributed content is a selection of artwork, artist statement and reflection comprising the honors project portfolio of Kirkwood Liberal Arts student Payton Schwiebert. Students interested in having their portfolios published may contact the Communique by email at

Payton Schwiebert artwork
Out of the Deep Blue (1), Vine Charcoal, Pencil, Colored Pencil, 12×18”, 2020
Payton Schwiebert artwork
Viola (2), Vine Charcoal, Pencil, Colored Pencil, 12×18”, 2020
Payton Schwiebert artwork
Reptilia (3), Vine Charcoal, Pencil, Colored Pencil, 12×18”, 2020

Artist Statement
This portfolio gives it’s viewer a look into the forbidden or unknown instinct of human nature and the role that they play in how a person presents themself. It lets the viewer know that there are people who may appear different and that there are those who on the surface may look
like they fit in but on the inside feel like they are completely out of place. The subjects of these pieces are expressing their individuality. The charcoal helps to create a naturally blended halftone with the shading and shadows which does an amazing job with making these characters appear more life-like. This way they can be more relatable. Each drawing has at least one or two unnatural appendages that are emphasized with color. This is to make them stand out even more and to signify that those features are what make them unique. I choose to give them animal parts because they were more natural and whimsical than giving them inanimate parts like cyborgs.
Also, it mostly has to do with their connection to the human-animal hybrid creatures of mythology and folklore. When others see this work, I want them to think that what makes a person stand out, can be a very good thing. For people to feel more comfortable and inspired to accept themselves and to respect others because no matter how “normal” a person may act or
appear, there is at least something that makes them different.

This class has strengthened my skills as an artist, and this project was a very enlightening experience. Thanks to it, I have finally achieved the skills I have wanted for a long time, the ability and knowledge for accurately drawing the human figure as well as the human face and head. It has also taught me different drawing styles such as negative space, gridding, and text-art. My favorite theme to incorporate into my work is weird and whimsical. To me, it is the most interesting thing and makes a work of art more unique. It was also self-enlightening; I had always seen myself as a slow artist and I abided a saying that art doesn’t have a designated time
of completion, that good art is made when it’s ready. This can be true but at the same time, I have realized that I can be a quick drawer when I desire. This will help me tremendously with my career as a working artist. I hope that I will become a successful and possibly a world-renowned artist; in the fields of drawing, painting, illustrating, maybe even bringing some art form back to life like the renaissance portraiture or old English calligraphy.

Image courtesy of Payton Schwiebert

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