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Sonic movie review: Was it worth the wait?

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“Sonic: The Hedgehog,”  the long awaited movie adaptation from Sega finally hit the big screen. Starring Jim Carry as the evil Doctor Robotnik, Ben Schwartz as Sonic and James Marsden as Tom Wachowski, Sonic’s best friend.  

 The movie got off to a slow start with Sonic on the run from creatures that want to kill him and steal his powers, the usual. 

Sonic escapes to earth where he spends years in hiding when out of loneliness he accidentally creates a massive power outage that draws the attention of the United States government and Doctor Robotnik, Sonic realizes he must escape to a new planet but he wants to say goodbye to Sheriff Tom Wachowski who he has come to love from a distance, which is more than a little creepy. 

Through a series of unfortunate events Sonic loses his magic rings that he must retrieve or be captured by the evil doctor and be imprisoned in a lab. 

Sonic takes moviegoers back to the glorious days of Jim Carrey comedies that people fell in love with in the 1990’s. Sonic also had a lot of scenes that were incredibly similar to Marvel’s Quicksilver. 

Producers reworked the CGI from the original trailer so Sonic wasn’t so creepy. Gamers and fans of comedies would enjoy watching Sonic, it is a tale of friendship and found family triumphing over evil. 

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