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Students engage over burgers and bingo

Burgers and Bingo
Students get together in Iowa Hall to mingle while snacking on burgers and playing rounds of bingo on Sept. 2, 2022. PHOTO BY ISABELLE STOFFER

Free food, competitive games and hilarious commentary were all present at Iowa Hall on Friday, Sept. 2, for the Burgers and Bingo event, hosted by Student Life. 

With more than 100 students in attendance, Iowa Hall buzzed with excitement as students participated in the event.   

Located on the second floor of the newly renovated Iowa Hall, students were initially greeted with free souvenirs and friendly smiles. Yet, attention quickly focused on the spread of burgers, condiments and cookies. The food provided by the event was free for attending students and handed out buffet style upon arrival.   

Once students settled, Student Life Coordinator Emily Grace and Student Life Director Seth VanderTuig began the main event: A competitive game of bingo. 

Tensions ran high as students competed for gift cards ranging in price from $10 – $25. With each new round, students vied for a chance to win, and quickly Iowa Hall filled with laughter and friendly competition.  

First-year nursing student Mackenzie Harland, alongside Liz Bixby, a first-year psychology student, stated how despite this being their first Kirkwood event they, “had a lot of fun.”

Additionally, the commentary provided by Grace and VanderTuig kept students entertained. 

Occasional intermissions including magic tricks, personal stories and student engagement, provided Grace and VanderTuig an opportunity to both practice their standup comedy skills and hear feedback from the students.  

Feedback from students shapes how Student Life plans and creates events, such as Burgers and Bingo. 

Grace stated that Student Life, “uses the input from students last year to make events for the future” with the primary frame of reference being Kirkwood’s Student Leadership Council and students who actively participate in campus events.   

Harland and Bixby also noted that Kirkwood does an excellent job promoting events to students, and elaborated by saying they received mobile text messages, had magnets placed on their apartment doors and heard about events from mutual friends.   

If interested in learning about more student events, visit or check the MyHub portal’s activity calendar. Students  interested in planning future events can join the Kirkwood Student Leadership Council, provide feedback through or visit Grace in her office on the second floor of Iowa Hall.

Image courtesy of Isabelle Stoffer

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