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The movie that will move ‘Onward’ to hearts

Promotional cutout of Onward
Promotional cutout of Onward at Marcus Theater on opening weekend. PHOTO BY TIMOTHY HALL

Filled with emotion from the very beginning, “Onward” takes viewers on a quest for brotherly love with characters Ian Lightfoot, voiced by Tom Holland, and Barley Lightfoot, voiced by Chris Pratt. 

There are also other lovable and quirky characters like Laurel Lightfoot, voiced by Julia Louis-Dreyfus; Corey the Manticore, voiced by Octavia Spencer; Colt Bronco, voiced by Mel Rodriquez and Disney Pixar’s first animated LGBTQ+ character Officer Specter, voiced by Lena Waithe. 

“Onward” is filled with action and adventure, taking the viewer along for the crazy ride in Guinevere, Barley’s beat up old van. 

The movie is a coming of age for Ian, who must find himself along the way. There are thrills around every corner, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. 

“Onward” is also jam-packed with emotion. It is a tear jerker, if it doesn’t make you cry, you’ll still be left teary eyed. Ian struggles with not having a father figure, making the movie pretty emotional through and through. 

Overall the story was incredible. This movie was well worth the wait and a must see with family and friends over spring break. However, its opening weekend did not do so well, scoring only $40 million in the box office with a budget of $20 million. 

Compared to other Pixar opening weekends this is not looking so hot. Go show this movie some love, because it really deserves it! 

Image courtesy of Timothy Hall | Kirkwood Communiqué

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