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Point – Counterpoint: TV Binge

Graphic by Amanda Bollig.

TV Binge

I don’t often binge-watch TV or even watch tv. But with a short run series, I will wait until the show is out or nearly out. I am on a very fixed income and while the cost of Disney+ is relativity low per month, I can’t really afford to have it for very long. For WandaVision, I have yet to watch any episode because I also want to watch The Falcon and Winter Solider.  

I can understand not wanting to wait or spend hours at a time watching tv, and it’s not something that is all that healthy to do fairly often. I think that due to the pandemic, people are binge-watching tv more than they should. But for me, it’s really about my budget and not wanting to spend 12 hours on my couch. 

It takes a lot of will power to avoid spoilers for something as big as WandaVision. It often meant I didn’t watch YouTube videos, which was difficult, but it also meant I spent more time reading and doing other things I enjoy.   

TV Episode a Week

I get why most people got used to binge watching. You bypass commercials and get your fix all at once. I have partaken in this activity, but the reason for watching an episode each week is better is for three reasons. 

The first is that we live in a spoiler culture nowadays. If you’re really into a series, you don’t want it to be ruined. So it’s better to watch it and stay in the know. Time is another issue. I don’t really have time to sit for hours and kick back an entire series. It’s just not productive nor feasible for me.  

Lastly, it’s a traditional but effective TV tactic that show runners use. It keeps you hooked, talking, and wanting the next fix (episode). This has been very effective with Disney+ shows such as The Mandolorian and WandaVision, and they know it. that is why they continue to use it. There is also something nostalgic about watching it this way too.  

You still have the option to wait and watch the whole thing but if it’s really good, why wait for someone to spoil it for you? 

Image courtesy of Amanda Bollig | Kirkwood Communiqué