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‘Watcher’: A Review

The Professor
Graphic by Amanda Bollig.

Over the last few years, many BuzzFeed content creators have left the company to start their own YouTube channels, such as the ladies from “Lady Like” and “The Try Guys” to name a few.  

My favorite YouTube channel at the moment is made by former Buzzfeed creators Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej, both known for their work on “Ruining History” and the Buzzfeed “Unsolved” series and Steven Lim from the “Worth It” series.  

Their new channel, “Watcher,” started about a year ago. One popular series on their show called “Puppet History” is a game show. Madej voices a character called “The Professor” and tells a random piece of history while giving Bergara and a guest the opportunity to win points. In another series, Bergara and Madej sit around a campfire and tell ghost stories, which started after COVID-19.  

Though it’s clear they no longer have the budget they had while at BuzzFeed, viewers can tell they are enjoying the opportunity to be creative and choose their own content. It’s fun to see a channel grow and evolve. I love that they can choose what they create, which YouTube celebrity they have on as a guest and how much content they produce. I personally enjoy their ghost stories and “Puppet History” series the most.  

I miss their “Unsolved” series and hope in the future they can start doing something similar. I loved the suspense that Bergara would build while looking for ghosts or trying to solve a crime. I also loved Madej’s ability to come up with a plausible reason for why something spooky happened. 

Of all of their content, I personally don’t like “Weird Wonderful World.” This is probably because we can’t go anywhere right now due to COVID-19, so watching it makes me sad.  

If you need a study break or a laugh, though, I would recommend checking out “Watcher” on YouTube.  

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Image courtesy of Amanda Bollig

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