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Best Buddies, new club on campus, connects students

How did the club get started? The Best Buddies club is new to Kirkwood this year.  Best Buddies is widespread across the United State in many schools.  It is a nonprofit organization that was America’s widespread social and recreational program specifically for people with intellectual disabilities.  Many of our students may be familiar with Best Buddies in their high schools and we wanted to provide the opportunity for students to continue that experience while here at Kirkwood. 

How did the club get started? The club was started when a Kirkwood student approached me last year about being a faculty advisor for the club because she wanted to start a club here at Kirkwood.  Since that time, I have started to connect with other Iowa colleges that have either started a Best Buddies chapter or, like us, are in the process of starting one. 

What is the purpose of the club? The purpose of the club is to provide social interactions between students who identify as having intellectual disabilities and their peers. 

When and where do you meet? There is not a specific meeting day and time for the club as of yet.  Because it is so new, I have been trying to find the best day and time that works for members.   

What do meetings consist of? We are hoping club members will start attending Kirkwood events together as part of our club events.  For example, attend movie events on campus, athletic events, performers that come to the college, etc.   

The Best Buddies organization also provides other opportunities for social events throughout the school year such as the Best Buddy Friendship walk in May.  It will be taking place at Kingston Stadium in Cedar Rapids. The Kirkwood Best Buddies club has registered to participate in the walk. 

What are the benefits of joining? Some benefits of joining are having the opportunity to form a community of support with peers and to just enjoy yourself. 

How can students join? Our startup this year was full of bumps so the club is in the process of reorganizing leadership and definitely accepting new members who will be students at Kirkwood in the fall.  Anyone interested in being a part of Best Buddies here at Kirkwood can reach out to me for more information.

Information submitted by Patrice Becicka, club advisor

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