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Horrifying fun at Circle of Ash

Circle of Ash

Circle of Ash haunted attraction is the largest haunted house in Iowa. Circle of Ash has three main attraction including a haunted forest, a horrifying house and a killer clown tent.

Psychiatric patients along with terrifying deranged children taunt people as they explore a haunted house. Just when people think they made it out alive, a surprise awaits them. 

Social Sciences Department Assistant Mark Fuller is part owner of Circle Of Ash.

He said the reason he wanted to own a haunted house is that, “I have been scaring people since I was a little kid. I remember lining my stuffed animals up under a blanket to look like I was in my bed so that when my mom came in to say goodnight I could jump out of the closet and scare her.”

He added, “A family friend invited us to go through Frightmare Forest (previous name of Circle of Ash) and when I saw what fun they were having I decided I had to be a part of it — so the next year I started volunteering and I never left. I took over as one of the owners five years ago.”

According to Fuller, “Frightmare Forest started in 2001 next to Xavier High School. In 2009 we were forced to move because the land it was located on was sold to build the Highway 100 extension.”

He added, “The haunted attraction was moved to a warehouse in downtown Cedar Rapids. 2016 was the first year Circle of Ash was located at Linn County Fairgrounds in Central City where the attraction currently resides.”

Fuller said he loves the fairgrounds location. “It provides a large area for us to play with,” he said.

Fuller also shared, “Every person out there is a volunteer. No one gets paid. We put this whole thing on because we love it.”

He added, “We have over 200 volunteers on our active cast list. Of those 200, you’ll see about 50 per night in the haunted attractions.”

Circle of Ash

Admission: $25, access to all haunted attractions

Hours: Friday and Saturday from 8 p.m. to midnight

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