Housing options near campus

Moving out of a familiar space to somewhere new with no experience of living on one’s own can be terrifying for many students.  

Kirkwood Community College may not have dorms but there are seven apartment complexes, all within walking distance from the main campus. These housing options feature one to four bedroom apartment-style living.  

Each complex comes with bedrooms and living areas, fully equipped kitchens, free parking and on site washers and dryers. Each complex is privately-owned and offers individual lease options and often includes security or a resident manager. 

Tess Dameier, dental lab technology, shared her experience of living at the Kirkwood Village.  

“I live in a quiet building which is nice. They host a lot of events so it’s a good way to meet people who are living in the same complex. I’ve lived there for two years now and am planning to move out when my lease ends,” she said. “The apartments are nice, very kept up. I always see maintenance and security walking around.” 

These apartments vary in size, number of rooms and bathrooms, security deposits and monthly rent and utilities.  “The expenses are manageable. I live in a four bedroom and it’s around $400 a month for each person. We split the cost of gas, water and electricity,” Dameier explained. 

All apartments near campus offer either a 10- or 12-month lease with the option for students to resign for the following year. Some offer individual leases while others require a group lease.  

Kirkwood students looking for roommates can begin the process online through RoomSync. RoomSync is currently open for the 2023-2024 academic school year. It is also possible to reach out directly to the apartment complexes to be matched. These complexes also offer virtual or in person tours of the site. 

Apartment hunting can be difficult but Kirkwood tries to ease the process by sharing housing options near campus. For assistance in this process, the housing department can be reached at 319-398-7647 or students can directly contact apartment complexes.

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