Kirkwood’s Iowa City Campus: The heart of Iowa City’s educational community

CONTRIBUTED: Home to roughly 2,500 students, hailing from 82 different countries, taking classes online and in-person, Kirkwood Community College’s Iowa City Campus boasts smaller class sizes, professors who can work with students one on one and extracurricular activities including a robust Student Life department, according to Kirkwood’s Student Life/Academic Advisor Kristie Leeman. 

Travel 25 miles south of the Cedar Rapids’ Kirkwood campus and students will find Kirkwood’s Iowa City Campus, nestled between the Iowa City Community School District’s K-12 public schools and the University of Iowa’s programs of studies.  

According to Mark Butland, dean of the Iowa City Campus, of the 1,100 community colleges in the country, Kirkwood Community College consistently ranks in the top 20. 

Whether going back to school to change careers, taking extended learning courses, or earning an Associate’s degree, students can find the classes they need in Iowa City.  

Butland said he wants the rest of the state to know, “We have a fantastic 2+2 program with the University of Iowa’s Tippie College of Business. There is only one community college where you can get a place in Iowa City, where you can buy sporting tickets, have access to all University of Iowa events, and a partnership with the Tippie School of Business, and that is at the Iowa City Campus.”  

Butland added, if students are interested in transferring to the Tippie School of Business, they can take their first two years of fully transferable classes for a lower price and in smaller classrooms through Kirkwood.  

Iowa City is known for its dedication to education. Kirkwood is an integral part of that as it prepares students for transferring with Liberal Arts degrees, pre-nursing and business classes, and welcomes those who find university life a little too overwhelming.  

Leeman said, “I love how easy it is to navigate our campus and that student resources are convenient to find within our urban campus setting.” 

A path for students who need an introduction to a four-year university, remediation or a more affordable opportunity to change careers, Kirkwood’s offerings fit the needs of their students. Innovative, evolving and supportive, Iowa City’s Kirkwood Campus has a story waiting to be written for anyone who is ready to further their education.  

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