Kirkwood’s Student Food Pantry

Student Food Pantry
Food packages waiting to be picked up in the Student Food Pantry on Oct. 27, 2020. Photo by Mohamed Elaagip.

With the sweep of COVID-19, many people have been struggling. For students scraping pennies together to purchase food, there are options. The Kirkwood Community College student food pantry helps students keep refrigerators and cabinets stocked.  

The food pantry hands out perishable and non-perishable food. There are fruits and vegetables, some of which are provided by Kirkwood’s Seeds Club. Kum & Go on Kirkwood Boulevard also donates milk and sandwiches. 

“Because of COVID-19 we had to make adjustments to how we serve students. We had to go from an in-person pick up to a mobile pantry this summer where we did not have students or families log in as we usually do,” said Mialisa Wright, support services supervisor at Kirkwood. 

Since the changes, students can either come in or schedule an appointment to pick up food orders. The food pantry makes sure that a food order is ready. 

Having food orders ready and making an appointment ensures social distancing. 

Students can schedule food order pick-up Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Students can make a pick-up appointment at: https://calendly.com/kirkwood/studentfoodpantryreservations. 

The shelves in the Student Food Pantry have been stocked with a wide variety of food thanks to generous donations. Photo taken Oct. 27, 2020, by Mohamed Elaagip.

The student food pantry receives most donations from the Hawkeye Area Community Action Program, also known as HACAP. The HACAP Food Reservoir in Marion partners with Feeding America. 

Those interested in donating to the student food pantry can donate food to HACAP or donate money on their website, www.kirkwood.edu/foodpantry.  

Image courtesy of Mohamed Elaagip

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