Library testing new databases, asking for feedback

Beginning Oct. 1, Kirkwood Library Services will be testing three new databases to support your research needs – Film & Television Literature Index with Full-Text, Omnigraphics Heath Reference Series Online, and Symptom Media. Currently, Kirkwood does not subscribe to these databases but with enough positive feedback, we will add them to our collection.

The first database is Film & Television Literature Index from EBSCOhost: The most comprehensive film and television criticism database available. 

The database provides access to more than 320 scholarly and popular full-text journals and eBooks including Variety movie reviews dating back to 1914 and an image gallery of 63,000+ images. The subjects covered in this resource include, cinematography, film and television theory, preservation and restoration, production, reviews, technical aspects and screenwriting. Be sure to check it out if you have any assignment requiring writing about television or film.

Omnigraphics Health Reference Series Online brings together the popular series of print sourcebooks covering many health topics into one convenient database. 

These eBooks provide information for those with little or no specific medical knowledge. The volumes are excellent for reference, research and personal information. The database contains access to the latest edition of over 60 sourcebooks. 

The interface contains a powerful natural-language search tool, citation generation with on and off campus access. Make Omnigraphics Health Reference Series Online your one stop location to find answers to all your health information needs.

The Symptom Media database contains educational films and videos about psychology developed by a team of behavior health experts collaborating with professional filmmakers. The results are educational videos that focus on “de-stigmatiz[ing] and show[ing] what mental health issues actually look like,” according to an article titled “About Us” on 

Recently, the American Library Association’s CHOICE magazine awarded Symptom Media is “Outstanding Academic Title” designation. The database contains both assessment tools as well as DSM 5 & ICD 10 case studies. With all these options, Symptom Media is an ideal place to start your psychology based research project.

While we think these would all make great additions to the library’s available resources, we won’t know how useful they are unless you tell us. 

Please help by taking a minute to check out any or all of these databases by going to Click on the “All Kirkwood Databases” link and find them under the “New/Trial Databases” section on the right. 

Then, let us know what you think by emailing Don’t wait too long, however; these trials will only last through the end of October.