Newspapers available to students at the Kirkwood Library

CONTRIBUTED: You’re reading The Communiqué so you must like keeping up with news and events going on in your world.  Did you know the Kirkwood Library has numerous news sources you can access online? 

 The following sources are accessible through the Journal Articles / A-Z Database link on the library homepage at: provides full access to the New York Times website. Sections include World, Politics, New York, Opinion, Business, Technology, Science, Sports, Arts, Fashion & Style, and Video. This subscription does not include the New York Times daily crossword.   Current students and employees can create an account to use this subscription using their Kirkwood email address. Don’t worry. It’s easy. Just go to the Journal Articles link mentioned above, find New York Times and follow the instructions.  

 New York Times TimesMachine Archive provides access to historical New York Times starting with the first issue in 1851 through 2002. These look just like the printed version. This works well if you want news or events from a specific date in history. It’s even fun to look at the advertisements to see the fashions and the prices of the time. You will use the same account you used for your New York Times subscription. 

 Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is an American based business-focused English language international daily newspaper known for its business and financial news. Access to this subscription is also account based using your Kirkwood email address. Once you have set up an account, you can sign up for any of their email newsletters and this subscription does include access to their daily crossword puzzle. 

 Newspaper Source Plus is one option if you want to search many newspapers at one time.  You can access more than 860 full-text newspapers and some television and radio news transcripts. This database is accessible without creating an account. If asked to log in, use your k# and the password you use to log into MyHub and Talon.  

 If you are interested in seeing even more options for newspaper access, check out our Newspaper Article Databases and Websites page at  

 If you need help finding or using any of these sources, contact the library and we will be happy to help.