Student Life uses feedback to plan events

Student Life events engage students and give them the opportunity to socialize with new people and relax when they are not in class or studying.  

Student Life Coordinator Emily Grace described the importance of deciding what types of events that are held on campus. She said she tries to host events that will appeal to certain groups of students. 

“My goal is to make sure each student would have at least one event that would cater to them by the end of the school year,” Grace said.  

There are around 200 to 250 events held each semester. Grace said she uses student feedback from the participants at the events to plan events for the following year. 

She added that she starts planning events early in the fall for the next year.  

Because there are so many events each year, Grace said it can become a challenge to work them all into the calendar. She creates a rough idea of what dates all the Student Life events could happen, but has to make changes depending on other school events. 

Grace said she enjoys that each and every day is different. “Year to year it might be similar, but I’ve never had the same day in this job,” she laughed.  

Having previously attended Kirkwood before transferring to another college, Grace said she loves Kirkwood and all the memories she made through the events, so she wanted to be able to give back through this career.  

Grace said she encourages all students to try to attend at least one event this year, even if it’s just stopping by for some free popcorn.

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