Student Spotlight: Noah Barnhart

Noah Barnhart
Photo contributed by Noah Barnhart.

CONTRIBUTED: Kirkwood Community College student Noah Barnhart is planning to go to the University of Iowa to after finishing his classes at Kirkwood.  
Q: What are your favorite hobbies to do when you’re not doing classes?  
A: Writing about sports, playing video games and hanging out with friends.  
Q: What do you plan on doing after you finish at Kirkwood? 
A: I plan to transfer to the University of Iowa and take journalism.  
Q: Where have you worked?     
A: I previously worked at Hy-Vee and am currently focused on finishing classes at Kirkwood. I occasionally still write about the Cubs on  
Q: Where did you go to high school? 
A: I went to Prairie for all four years of high school and enjoyed my time as a Hawk. 
Q: After you finish college, what do you plan on doing for your career? 
A: I want to become a sportswriter for some type of sports media network.  
Q: What do you believe is the most important part in writing?  
A: Writing with passion, having the will to write about something and stating the truth.  
Q: What are your favorite teams? 
A: My favorite teams are the Cowboys, Cubs, Heat and Iowa. Writing about the Cubs on is always enjoyable because I love to root for the 2016 World Series champs. The reason I root for the Cowboys is that I am originally from Texas. I like the Heat because I used to love watching Dwayne Wade.  
Q: What are your favorite shows or movies?  
A: My favorite movies are “Draft Day” and “Blindside.”  
Q: What is your favorite holiday? 
A: My favorite holiday is Christmas. Christmas is great to celebrate and it’s always a joyful time. 

Favorite athletes to follow? 

Noah’s favorite athletes to follow are Tony Romo, Jimmy Buttler, and Dwayne Wade. D Wade got him to watch basketball and he also enjoyed following Tony Romo. Now that the 2006 Finals MVP is retired, Noah really likes Jimmy Buttler. Jimmy Buckets plays with a lot of intensity and has the drive to be great. He had a huge run in the bubble last season and helped lead the Heat to the Finals where they lost to the Lakers in 6 games.   

Image courtesy of Noah Barnhart