Students prepare eight-course showcase

Located at the Kirkwood Hotel and Center of Hospitality and Arts, several culinary arts classes are offered including baking, kitchen essentials, hospitality and more.  

When discussing the program’s enrollment, Program Director David Horsfield said, “It is a two-year program in which altogether around 58 students are enrolled.”  

Horsfield is the department chair of Hospitality Management and is the building’s administrative and teaching director.  

The multitude of programs include hands-on experience and labs, allowing students to train in kitchens and serve food to culinary professors, said Horsfield.  

Year one culinary students will wear a white hat, indicating their first year in the program. Year two culinary students wear black hats showcasing their graduation from the program.  

On Saturday, Dec. 3, the graduating culinary students participated in the program’s end-of-semester Culinary Showcase. The showcase is designed for graduating students of the fall and spring where friends, family and community members are invited to try their showcased meals.  

The showcase is an eight-course showcase which includes bakery items, main courses, desserts and more. It takes place once per semester at the Kirkwood Center of Hospitality and Arts at 7725 Kirkwood Blvd, SW.

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