Zoom Etiquette

Graphic by Amanda Bollig.

Moving to online Zoom classes can be a challenge but is not hard to get into the groove. You still get to see and talk to people and can interact from the safety of your home. You can ask questions without having to wait for an email response, it’s easier to talk with a Zoom buddy if you missed a class and it can be fun to have class in a non-traditional way. However, it is a classroom and should be treated as such. So, to help those who have and have not taken a Zoom class here are some guidelines to follow.  

  • As soon as you’re let into class make sure to have your mic on mute. It’s distracting to hear your personal conversations or devices blaring. 
  • Raise your hand to speak. 
  • Be professional when you speak in class, and be courteous to your classmates and professor.

“To make sure you are getting the most out of class, try to set up a space that’s conducive to learning, avoid anything that will be distracting to you or others, and abide by the guidelines provided by your professors. Totally doable.”

Dr. Natalia A. Cherjovsky, associate professor, Communication
  • When in class, make sure to be dressed. Your clothes should be appropriate – don’t wear anything too risqué that promotes drugs or alcohol or anything controversial, or would otherwise be distracting to your professor or classmates. 
  • Don’t do anything you wouldn’t normally do in a face-to-face class like smoking, drinking, driving, using the bathroom for all to see, etc. 
  • Also, make sure you can be seen. It can be hard to see you if your lighting is too bright or too dark. 

“Keep your camera on—it’s so hard to teach to a sea of black screens. Don’t drive or vape, wear clothes and if you HAVE to be on your bed, don’t lay down. It’s too easy to fall asleep.”

Emily M. Brown, assistant professor, English
  • Try not to eat on camera, especially if your mic is on. 
  • Don’t walk around or have others walk around in the background; it can be distracting. 
  • Don’t engage in texting or social media while in class. 
  • Come to class with pen and paper, ready to take notes and ready to engage in discussion, just like you would if the class were in-person. 

It can be frustrating to have discussions when no one else participates, so feel free to jump in because it can help you learn when you have different perspectives.  

Learning can be fun and interesting so keep these tips in mind when you take your next Zoom class. Remember, just because the class is online, doesn’t mean you stop being professional. 

Image courtesy of Amanda Bollig

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