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Campus food pantry helps hundreds of students

Co written by David Stephanie, Staff Writer

Kirkwood Community College has several departments and groups to help ensure student success. However, Kirkwood also helps students with their nutritional by offering food and other supplies at the campus food pantry.

Dean of Students Melissa Payne said, “There are certain types of things that support their academics generally, and we want to encourage them to think of the ways that nutrition and the food pantry are a part of their academic success.”

The food pantry receives most of its supplies from the Hawkeye Area Community Action Program (HACAP).  In addition to HACAP, the food pantry receives help from organizations on campus. One organization is the Seeds club which supplies fresh produce farmed by current students.  During the 2018-2019 school year the food pantry helped 914 students and was visited 2,050 times, according to the Dean of Students Office.

Outside of food, the pantry hands out free coats during winter months. They also give out personal hygiene items like shampoo and conditioner when in stock.

Payne said, students can get supplies from the pantry once a week. When a student comes, they will need to know their k number and password to check-in.

Payne also said, “The reason for a visit does not have to be a crisis. It could be ‘I just want to check this place out.’”

Also, the food pantry gives advice and outreach help for services they are unable to provide.

Support Services Supervisor Mialisa Wright said they help students contact other organizations to help with what they cannot provide.

Some of these resources include, “homeless and students who are homeless… needing help with paying for heating (utilities) bill,” said Wright.

For more information on the services the food pantry offers, students should stop by the food pantry, 132 Iowa Hall. Students can also contact

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