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Dance, dance for the kids

Dance Marathon

Kirkwood Community College is planning for its next Dance Marathon on Friday, Feb. 25. 

The Dance Marathon is an annual celebration put on by the dance marathon organization on campus to celebrate donations they collected for the Iowa Steadfast Family Children’s Hospital.  

The group is part of a nationwide coalition of similar groups who organize fundraising for their local children’s hospital.  

According to Student Life Coordinator Emily Grace, the group is a student-based organization that gathers funds from the community for the hospital.  

“Student’s come together throughout the year and we have a leadership team but their goal is to recruit other students to get involved,” Grace said. “It’s for any student who wants to get involved the more that learn about this organization and get involved see the power of giving back and make friends in the process. “  

All students can attend the dance on Feb. 25 to interact with some families that it affects as well as celebrating the donations collected.  

Last year, even with COVID in full force the students raised $11,505 and this year there goal is $5,500.  

To help get more donations the group is selling bunt cakes through the Coralville company ‘Nothing Bunt Cakes’. 

To get more information about fundraising or to submit an order for bunt cakes contact Student Life. 

Image courtesy of Amanda Bollig | Kirkwood Communiqué

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