Facebook Live: A Way to Keep Active

Body Fit with Laura

Since the pandemic hit, many people have had to stay within their homes in order to follow quarantine or social distancing guidelines, without much to do and difficulty in having exercise routines. That is why Brett Baumgart, the Recreation Services Supervisor for Kirkwood, decided to step in along with faculty to create a Facebook Live workout schedule so students of Kirkwood can get help staying fit while inside their homes.    

Baumgart provided more details on when these events occur and how students can join. 

“We are doing Facebook Live classes through the Kirkwood Rec Center Facebook page. There’s going to be at least four every summer, as well, once we continue them. What’s nice about Facebook Live is that [students] don’t need any codes or anything like that. They just go to the Kirkwood Rec Center page, my instructors try to log in three to five minutes before, they’ll see the Facebook Live [and can join the class]. 

“Right now, we’ve got Pop Pilates, which is Monday and Thursday nights at 5:15. We’ve got yoga on Tuesday nights at 5:15. Then we’ve got Body Fit on Wednesdays and Fridays at noon to 12:45. All of our classes are forty-five minutes. We’ve been getting a thousand views total.”  

Baumgart also explained students’ options if they join late or something happens so they can’t participate live.  

“What’s nice is that [the Facebook Live classes] stay up for a couple days afterwards as well, so let’s say, Tuesday night, you really wanted to do yoga but something came up, you can’t do it. It’s still on the Facebook page so you can click on it, let’s say, Wednesday morning, and you can do the Yoga stuff in there.” 

The schedule of classes and other virtual events can be found here: It is important to note that these Facebook Live classes are free, and Baumgart encourages any student to join in. 

Image courtesy of Kirkwood Student Life

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