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Karen Friedrich celebrates 40 years with the college

Administrative assistant Karen Friedrich

Karen Friedrich started in the Continuing Education and Training services department as a secretary 40 years ago when they were still using typewriters to create documents. 

Now Friedrich is the administrative assistant for the Vice President of the same department. Below is more information about Friedrich. 

Q: Tell me about what you do for Kirkwood?  

A: I am an administrative assistant in continuing education and training services division and I work for the Vice President of continuing education and training services. We program all the noncredit courses at Kirkwood. I work with the day-to-day scheduling of meetings, taking minutes and paperwork. 

Q: Tell me about your 40 years of service?  

A: I started as a secretary in the same division.  

       Q: What made you decide to come to Kirkwood?  

A: Went to Kirkwood right out of high school and took the diploma certificate for secretarial services. I was applying for other jobs around Cedar Rapids and a job came up in Continuing Education and I applied for it and got it.

Q: Tell me a little bit about you?  

A: I have my four legged friends and I like to play golf, arts and crafts, take classes, reading, watching TV, sports.  

Q: Why is Kirkwood a good place to work?  

A: The people are great, everybody’s willing to help each other if you have a question. They’re always there to help you and it’s rewarding work.

Image courtesy of Liam Halawith | Kirkwood Communiqué

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