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Presidential hopeful vows gun reform and debt relief

Kamala Harris
Sen. Kamala Harris speaks of her plans for Social Security if she is elected president. PHOTO BY JEFF SIGMUND.

Presidential Candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., hosted a campaign rally at Kirkwood Community College ahead of Iowa caucuses on Sept. 19. With less than 140 days until the caucuses, Harris made her first of several stops in Iowa. 

Harris spoke about her plans for the presidency, including giving Congress 100 days to write a bill requiring universal background checks and revoking the license of gun dealers who fail to comply with federal regulations and banning the importation of assault rifles. 

Harris stated, “We are not waiting any longer for change.” 

Harris also stated that she would push for the country to use renewable energy sources by 2030. Harris did focus on how the Green New Deal would not only benefit Iowa but Kirkwood students specifically by pushing for a green economy and the use of renewable resources and clean energy. 

Kirkwood offers programs that teach installation and maintenance of wind turbines. Iowa is the leading producer of wind energy in the United States.  

Harris brought up several points regarding how the pay teachers across the country receive is substandard in comparison to equal educated professionals. 

Harris stated that she would like to give an average national pay raise to public school teachers of about $13,000 per year along with about a $6,000 nationwide middle-class tax cut. 

Harris also mentioned that she would like to make community college free to attend and public college debt free through tax cuts. In addition, Harris said she would like people to “invest in the strength of our nation’s commonalities while excepting our differences.”  

Other than a brief mention of an increase of taxes to the richest 1% of Americans, Harris did not mention details about a plan to balance the budget or to afford the proposed pay increases.

Image courtesy of Jeff Sigmund

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