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RAVE app puts safety at students’ fingertips

Campus Safety App

Kirkwood Community College’s Public Safety department recently unveiled a new partnership with the RAVE Guardian app. The app aims to help students easily connect with the public safety department via chat or call. It also helps students take proactive measures for students safety, according to public safety officials.  

Cale Loewen, the college’s public safety and outreach coordinator, said he is looking forward to students’ interaction with public safety after this new partnership. He added that he hopes it will be easier for students to contact public safety when in a time of need.  

Loewen also said that the safety of students and staff is their top priority.  

“We want to make sure there are resources available to them that increase their safety while being easy to use,” Loewen said. “Public Safety understands, in today’s world, we need to be on the cutting edge of campus safety. Kirkwood has thousands of individuals on our campuses each day. RAVE Guardian brings them within a touch of Public Safety and our resources.” 

The app aims to bring a clear and open line of communication with public safety on campus using tools such as chat, anonymous tips and an emergency call button. Not only does it come with emergency chat and call features it comes with features such as a safety timer which allows users to set a certain amount of time on their phone to get somewhere safely, unless the user deactivates it, it will contact public safety and emergency contacts instantly.  

Overall these improvements are aimed to help keep in touch with students in a more user friendly way. Allowing students to use features they are comfortable with.  

“Historically, we were lacking communication between key stakeholders here on campus. We identified this as a great way to increase our communication to the toughest individuals to reach, our students,” Loewen said.  

Image courtesy of Liam Halawith | Kirkwood Communiqué

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