Students can keep skills hot with winter courses

Taking a winter course is one way to keep up the momentum to improve GPA or help you graduate on time.  

“The winter courses are from Dec. 13 to Jan. 23. Students are limited to one winter course at a time,” explained David Hunt, dean of Academic Innovation Strategy Design.  

He added, “The winter courses are very popular, usually we have over a thousand students taking winter courses. They often fill up quickly so it’s important to register during the priority registration time to sign up early.”  

Kirkwood Academic Advisor Joseph Davis said there are many benefits to taking a winter course. “It reduces the workload of your spring semester. We offer classes winter which students can complete as a prerequisite before taking the following class in the spring.” 

Davis added, “Some students have extra time and want to keep their minds engaged. Some students want to complete their degree requirements quicker and can use the winter break to do so.”  

There are some considerations to make before signing up for the winter term. The winter term is six weeks so classes move much faster than the typical 16-week semester. Davis said to keep the fast pace of the class in mind and know if adding credits will create an overload. “Your advisor can help guide you on the process,” he said.  

Davis also warned, “If a student doesn’t complete the class or fails it, then complications can arise if that class was going to be used as a prerequisite for a spring class.”  

Davis encouraged students interested in the winter term to meet with their advisor. “For scheduling appointments with your advisor, it is best to choose a less crowded time so you can dive into deep questions without regard to time. In my experience, Mondays and Fridays are the busiest with most of the appointments taking place in the afternoon,” he said.  

To schedule an appointment with an advisor, go to 

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