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Students discuss reasons for taking summer classes

Nursing student Grace Richards
Nursing student Grace Richards studies on the second floor of Iowa Hall on Tuesday, March 2, 2023. PHOTO BY SHAELY ODEAN

The course catalog for summer classes at Kirkwood Community College recently opened. Some students have already registered and others are still deciding which classes to take.  

In an informal question and answer conversation, students shared their thoughts and experiences about summer classes.  

Jaiden Peasley, digital arts, said she is planning to take Comp II and a math class. “I want to take summer classes this year to lighten my work load during the fall and spring semesters,” she said.  

Digital Arts students Anna Wilson and Tia Slippy agreed. Although they are both still deciding whether to take summer classes, Wilson said one benefit would be having a lighter load of classes during other semesters. Slippy added, “If I took summer classes it would be to lessen the school work load for upcoming semesters.”  

Ryan Hutchinson, Liberal Arts, said he has taken summer classes before and this May he plans to take U.S. History from 1877. He said one benefit is that he is able to keep up with his studies all year long but it can be challenging to manage time with his job schedule. 

Having experienced both the benefits and challenges, Hutchinson has advice for other students. “Dedicate at least an hour to each class every day,” he said.   

While summer classes may be optional for many students, Alyssa Valley, automation and instrumentation, said her program requires it. “I’m taking summer classes because it’s a requirement to graduate in two years with a degree instead of two and a half years,” Valley said. This summer she is taking Process Control I, Instrumentation and Control Devices and possibly Hydraulics and Pneumatics. 

One student in a STEM major who asked to remain anonymous, said he didn’t do well in the fall semester so he is using summer to catch up. “I had some time management issues and my level of motivation was not where it needed to be,” he said.  

Max Locher, digital arts, said he could relate. “I’m behind in my major so I am using summer to catch up.”  

The course catalog is available through My Hub and currently shows 236 available classes across multiple locations. Summer classes begin May 22.

Image courtesy of Shaely Odean

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