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Campus Views: If you could change your major, what would it be and why?

Kirkwood student Max Locher
Max Locher, Digital Arts

“I would change my major to Business because the classes would be easier than the digital arts classes I am in.”

Kirkwood student Macy Kramer
Macy Kramer, Business Administration

“I wouldn’t change my major, but if I were to pick, it would be Liberal Arts so I could learn more about what I actually enjoy.”

Kirkwood student
Courtney Hook, Early Childhood Development

“If I had to change my major, I would pick something in the animal science field so I could help animals.”

Kirkwood student Kalina Stojchevska
Kalina Stojchevska, Graphic Communication Technology

“I would change my major to digital media because I would like to be a filmmaker. I changed to Graphic Communication Technology to have more diverse opportunities.”

Kirkwood student Leona Ament
Leona Ament, Criminal Justice

“I would change to cosmetology school because I wouldn’t have to study things I will not need in the future and it would also be fun.”

Image courtesy of Liz Schultz - Managing Editor | Kirkwood Communiqué

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