A thank you to Veterans

Veterans - Thank you for your service
Graphic by Amanda Bollig.

Veterans Day started as Armistice Day in 1919 on the one-year anniversary of the end of World War I and it has been celebrated annually since. It was a day set aside to thank the many sacrifices of our armed forces. Our military and their families have made so many sacrifices on our behalf that it is truly the least we can do to thank them for serving our country.  

In the last year our armed forces have served our country in many ways. They have been called to serve at hospital ships and at COVID-19 test sites in response to the global pandemic and locally the Iowa National Guard was deployed after the Aug. 10, derecho to help with cleanup, just to name a few instances, for which we owe our gratitude.  

Those who serve make many sacrifices. They miss holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and even the births of children. They risk their physical and mental health, as many who serve in active conflicts come home mentally or physically scarred.   

I am personally grateful for the veterans in my life and want to say thank you to my Uncle John. He served in the National Guard for many years. Flood after flood he would go out whenever he was called up, whenever the Mississippi River flooded, to help with evacuations. He served during Vietnam and in Iraq as well. Both of my grandfathers served during the Korean War. I wish I could say thank you to each of them but that is no longer possible. 

The Communiqué has had veterans work on the paper in the past and we have current staff who are veterans as well as family of veterans. To each of them I say thank you.  

I think that it is also important to remember that families of veterans have made sacrifices as well. They sometimes go months without seeing their loved ones, they often have to move because of transfers and they live with a great deal of worry and stress.  

This Veterans Day I urge you to say thank you to the veterans you see out in your community. Thank them for serving our country and for their sacrifices. 

To any veteran who might be reading this I say thank you, for your service and for your sacrifice.  

Image courtesy of Amanda Bollig

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