All roads from Kirkwood lead to Rome

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When I first came to Kirkwood about three years ago, I had no idea my adventures in higher education would eventually lead me to our amazing International Programs department and my own opportunity to study in Rome, Italy for two glorious weeks.

Recommended by my philosophy professor at the time, Dr. Scott Samuelson, I visited Ken Nesbett for an informal meeting to discuss my chances, starting a process that landed me three scholarships on route to the trip of a lifetime to study Roman culture and literature.

Joined by Dr. Samuelson and our other professor, Dr. Renee Schlueter, myself and my classmates flew to the “boot” on the map, Italy, and began a whirlwind of fascinating study, incredible ancient ruins, amazing architecture, glorious art and wonderful literature.

We were also allowed ample time to explore the region on our own, learning to navigate our way through busy streets and communicate to the locals in their own language.

We all left with the knowledge that we can make our way through any foreign land and, with a little effort, mingle with their citizens while showing them the respect due them as we remain vigilante that we are guests in their country. The lessons were far greater than just local culture and the arts, but life lessons we can take with us forever. Even myself, the elder of the group!

The Colosseum, the Forum, San Clemente and many other beautiful basilicas. The Vatican and it’s awe-inspiring museum. A papal visit where we saw Pope Francis kiss many children and greet us all with warmth and generosity.

Original paintings by Caravaggio and sculptures by Bernini. The Baths of Caracalla. And yes, shopping and delicious meals. I must admit, the wine was also quite good!

There was much crammed into the two-weeks, but plenty of time to take in everything and soak it all in.

I couldn’t possibly mention it all in one piece of writing. But let you with this.

The folks in the International Programs department are passionate about what they do. They believe that every single student has the capacity to go abroad and they work very hard to make those dreams become reality.

So many options are available to help pay for your trip. Almost everyone gets the Global Advantage Scholarship given by Kirkwood, as well as competitive programs like the Gilman Scholarship, of which I was a recipient, and others.

The DeWolfe Scholarship was also one that I was fortunate to receive. If you must pay for some of it on your own, you have installment plans to ease the burden of having to come up with it all at once.

If you don’t think you could possibly be considered for such an honor, you are exactly the person I want to reach!

Please take the time to visit anyone in the Study Abroad offices and attend the Study Abroad fair to learn more about the golden opportunity that I promise you.

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