Biden’s border problem is proof of political hypocrisy

When former President Donald Trump was in office, it was common to criticize his border wall and his increased support of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) as if they would undermine the leftist ideal view of diversity or make America look like a fascist country for wanting stricter borders. However, one criticism I agreed with on this front was how the former administration had immigration detention centers rife with abuse, and the unfair treatment given to those who were in them as well as the practice of deporting unaccompanied immigrant children under Title 42 within similar facilities as will be mentioned.  

With Democrat President Joe Biden sitting in office with a Democratic majority in the Senate, it is time for the Democrats to prove to the people who can be the humanitarian savior, to be better than Trump who dared wanting stronger borders. Of course, and unfortunately, it is business as usual. But even worse is Biden himself not answering for his administration’s new and improved miniature child-migrant facilities. These facilities are the same “cages” Kamala Harris referred to during Trump’s presidency. They didn’t change the actual centers, just rebranded them.  

Recently, video footage of crowded centers, filled with up to 4,000 migrants has begun to surface on the internet following the allowance of journalists onto these sites. When learning about how long it took for the media to be granted access to these facilities, it seemed like a red flag. Frankly, it’s horrifying to watch people so tightly packed in as they are, especially amidst this ongoing pandemic. 

According to WOLA, the Washington Office on Latin America, is an organization with a goal to “cover the most important developments at the U.S.-Mexico border,” stated an estimated 150,000 immigrants are encountered by border patrols this year. This number is almost triple that of last year, where around 30,389 immigrants were encountered. 

I’m not a pro-Trump advocate or someone who hates the guts of Democrats. It can be hard, I’m sure, to handle waves and waves of people wanting to enter our country. But I believe something has to be done, and our two-party system is filled with hypocrites who preach of solving a border-crisis or to be as humanitarian to immigrants as possible, but only do little in the end. It feels like empty promises used to gain points in their game of power, and it is unfortunate that the players are never held accountable.  

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