Bullying leaves kids with lifelong scars

There was a shooting in Arlington, Texas, a week ago, and frankly I am beyond angry about it. There have been reports that the child was bullied and I am heartbroken that it got to the point that he felt that the only thing that he could do to defend himself was bring a gun with him to school.

Bulling will leave survivors with lifelong scars, both physical and emotional. I know, because I am a survivor of bulling. I am angry at the teachers who thought a broken bone was minor.

I am angry that they thought that we should work it out for ourselves. I am angry that they thought it was ok that a fifth grader put his hands on me and threaten to kill me.

I feel terrible for the children at the school who will live with permanent mental scars from this shooting. I feel even worse for the children who were hurt.

Teachers need to have some form of mental health training requirement added to their CEU’s, and I am not talking about becoming counselor’s themselves but be taught when to make referrals to counseling.

People who have siblings still in school should listen and ask questions. If you think something is wrong, have a conversation, be uncomfortable. It could save a life.

Parents and caregivers need to be present and be a safe place for your child so they can talk and be heard. People need to be aware of the national bullying hotline and use it. The number is 1-800-273-8255 and the website is www.stopbullying.gov.

I won’t justify what the student in Texas did, but I will put myself in his shoes because I have been there. I have felt hopeless. I just want us as a society to do better.

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