Campus offers a variety of study spaces

Cedar Hall music wing
Cedar Hall’s music wing contains a comfortable space for students to study and socialize. PHOTO BY LIZ SCHULTZ

Kirkwood has a beautiful and large campus. There are several places that students enjoy studying on campus including the student center, Iowa Hall, the Library, Cedar and Benton Hall, Nielsen Hall and Linn Hall. These areas accommodate several rooms and secluded areas for students to be able to study, work on assignments and socialize with students. 

A few of the most common places students enjoy studying are the library on campus and Iowa Hall. These areas have designated rooms and seating designed for students to be able to focus on doing work comfortably and quietly. 

After talking with a few students, most of them said that Iowa Hall was their favorite place to work on homework because of the variety of seating and resources. Iowa Hall is a fantastic area to study when it comes to the environment. 

The new student center features a cafeteria downstairs, a  coffee shop upstairs, different lighting, booths and many areas and rooms for comfortable seating.

Although the other buildings are not as new, they also have wonderful areas to study. In the newly renovated Cedar Hall wing, there are booths like the ones in Iowa Hall and other comfortable windows for seating. 

The library also has confined rooms meant for students to reserve and do their work in a quiet setting. There are also plenty of tables and chairs on all three floors.  

In Linn Hall, there are the Science and Math Emporiums that are designed for students and professors to work with each other and study in peaceful surroundings. Upstairs, there are also lots of seating areas and computers for many students’ studies.  

Although it is primarily your preference, there are more than numerous areas available for studying on campus premises.

Image courtesy of Liz Schultz - Managing Editor | Kirkwood Communiqué

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