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Campus Views: What class are you looking forward to this semester, and why?

Kirkwood student Maimouna Sow, Nursing
Maimouna Sow, Nursing

“I’m looking forward to Microbiology because I am excited to look at microorganisms under the microscope.”

Kirkwood student Adama Katile, Nursing
Adama Katile, Nursing

“I’m looking forward to Introduction to Nursing because it’s very cool and I enjoy nursing.” 

Kirkwood student Carl Stutzman, Environmental Science
Carl Stutzman, Environmental Science

“Classical Physics 1 because I enjoyed physics in high school and wanted to see if I could do it at a college level.”

Kirkwood student Rufaro Muskwe, Science
Rufaro Muskwe, Science

“I’m excited for jazz band because It’s been a year since I last played so I’m excited to play again.”

Kirkwood student Jayden Wood, Liberal Arts
Jayden Wood, Liberal Arts

“Biology because I want to become a geneticist.”

Image courtesy of Liz Schultz

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