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Campus Views: What free activities would you like to see on campus and why?

Kirkwood student Will Wetjen
Will Wetjen, Liberal Arts

“I’d like to see more readings from (local) authors… It seems like we have to go to Iowa City to get that stuff; it’d be nice to see it a little closer by.”

Kirkwood student
Mohmeed Tomsah, Software Development

“More sporting activities or events where everyone can participate.”

Kirkwood student Ingrid Tran Lam
Ingrid Tran Lam, Mathematics/Illustration

“If they don’t already have it, I think a hiking group would be very cool.”

Kirkwood student Jalyce Stafford
Jalyce Stafford, Medical Assisting

“I’d like to see more group activities with going to a park and having activities there. Yard activities with food to get to know people would be nice.”

Kirkwood student Grace Richards
Grace Richards, Surgical Technology

“Maybe a group therapy session. I know there’s already free counseling, but I think group therapy would be nice, too.”

Images courtesy of Shaely Odean and Shaely Odean | Kirkwood Communiqué

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