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Campus Views: What is your favorite fall activity? Why?

Jennifer Ritchie
Jennifer Ritchie, Accounting

Watching football – It gives my family a purpose to spend time together on the weekends.

Abass Kemokai
Abass Kemokai, Transfer Degree

Looking at nature. The trees losing their leaves and how colorful it gets. I also love playing football.

Madison Tjelmeland
Madison Tjelmeland, Nursing

I don’t have a lot of time for fun things, but I do like carving pumpkins and watching Halloween movies to get in the Halloween spirit.

Celia Daniels
Celia Daniels, Liberal Arts

Going on a walk and stepping on crunchy leaves. Stepping on a soggy leaf is so disappointing. When you get that really nice, crunchy leaf…amazing!

Nathan Desotel
Nathan Desotel, Parks Recreation

Watching football on Sunday and nice weather.

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