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Campus Views: What is your favorite place to study on campus?

Kirkwood student Everett Henderson
Everett Henderson, Liberal Arts

“I like to go up to Iowa Hall and sit and study in the chairs by the window in the upper level.”

Kirkwood student Linny Posekany
Linny Posekany, Open Major

“I like to study in my classroom in between classes.”

Kirkwood student Marshall Harris
Marshall Harris, Liberal Arts

“My favorite place to study is the third floor Cedar Hall near the windows.”

Kirkwood student Nathan Woods
Nathan Woods, Liberal Arts

“I like studying at home because I can concentrate.”

Kirkwood student Ian Reid
Ian Reid, Liberal Arts

“My favorite place to study is on the second floor of Linn Hall lobby because it has a lot of natural lighting.”

Image courtesy of Liz Schultz - Managing Editor | Kirkwood Communiqué

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