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Campus Views: When you watch a movie, do you prefer to go to the theater or watch at home? 

Kirkwood student Tavia Steward
Tavia Steward, Digital Arts

“It depends on the movie. Certain movies that are really interesting, like ‘Marvel,’ I will definitely go to the theaters since I know there will be outtakes at the end. Otherwise, I usually wait to watch them at home.”   

Kirkwood student Ryan Graves
Ryan Graves, Graphic Communication Technology

“I much prefer being at home. The food is a lot cheaper. I think my couch is more comfortable, and if I want to fall asleep it isn’t a problem I can just start the movie again later.”

Kirkwood student Averee Hudepohl
Averee Hudepohl, Business Management

“I prefer to watch movies at home so I can have all my food and my things with me and be more comfortable at home.” 

Kirkwood student David Barrett
David Barrett, Computer Support Specialist

“Going to the theatre. It is really cool to see brand-new movies on the big screen. I also like the snacks and the food there.”

Kirkwood student Aamer Osman
Aamer Osman, System Administration

“I prefer at home because it’s more comfortable, I think. I can watch with my family at home.”

Images courtesy of JoEllen Ritchie | Kirkwood Communiqué and JoEllen Ritchie

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