Caring for a cat requires time, space and patience

Caring for animals comes with great responsibility and trust. While living at home, your parents likely told you that you could have a pet as long as you took care of it. There are many different elements needed to care for pets, especially cats. 

Litter Box – Indoor cats need to be trained how to use a litter box. Many cats are born intrigued by litter boxes because they are able to play around in them and have a natural instinct to use them. Litter boxes should be clean and large enough so the cat is comfortable using it. 

Time – Taking care of a cat requires time and patience. When first adopting a cat or kitten, they will need to get used to you. It is crucial you have enough time to care and play with your cat. This will make them trust you more and create a stronger bond. 

Space – Cats enjoy being playful and running around. Their natural hunting skills also require open spaces. Make sure that your cat is comfortable in the home they are provided and do not feel enclosed. 

Food / Treats – You may need to train your cat to not beg for food and you should watch the amount they are intaking for the cat to stay healthy. Do not overfeed and make sure they are happy with the food type. You may also give them dry or wet food depending on which they prefer. It is important to try both types. If your cat is behaving, you can also give them a few treats to make them trust you more. 

Water – Kittens drink milk from their mothers. If you adopt a kitten and it is at the age where it still needs milk, many stores such as Target and Walmart have kitten milk formula at an affordable price. Slowly train your cat to drink water until they are comfortable.  

Toys – Cats are very lively animals during the night and day. They enjoy when their owner takes time to play with them and chase toys. It also keeps them entertained and helps them practice their hunting skills. 

Vet visits – In order to ensure your cat is healthy, take them to annual vet visits and check-ups. If they are living with other cats, it is also important to get them spayed and neutered if you do not want them to endure pain and the process of heat. 

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