College apartments: Inconvenient living situations

Living in apartments is a big part of the college experience. This experience is not always one that is pleasant or easy. You have to deal with things that you probably have never had to deal with before like paying for utility bills and buying furniture.  

The first thing about your apartment complex that you will see is the parking lot. Upon seeing the parking lot you’ll probably think something along the lines of “Oh, it kind of seems like there are not enough parking spaces for how many apartments there are.” and it kind of looks like that because there aren’t. You’ll tell your landlord or property manager this and they will most likely tell you to use their overflow parking lot which is conveniently placed 1.5 miles from your actual apartment building. At Least you won’t have to worry about getting your steps in. 

After you’ve made your cross country journey to your building unless you live on the ground floor the next thing you’ll see is stairs. There are a lot of different types of apartment stairs but the only type that I have yet to see are stairs that are easy to drag a couch up. It doesn’t matter how many people you have helping you get a couch up a flight of stairs at your apartment building, it is equal only to completing an ironman. 

Once you’ve climbed your stairs to your door when you open it you will have one of two feelings. Either “Wow this is way nicer than I thought it would be.” or  “Oh my god I am paying $600 dollars a month for a place that has visible smoke stains on the ceiling.”. There is never any in between. 

Good news is that after you’ve gotten moved in you can order a pizza for dinner and watch the delivery driver take it to Apt.5 at building 903 instead of building 906 where you live.  

At the end of the day your apartment is still where you live and where you will make a lot of your memories during this time in your life. Even if those memories are filled with stained walls, no parking, and borderline hazardous staircases. 

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