College clubs can enhance student learning

CONTRIBUTED: There are so many colleges out there to select as the school to attend to pursue your dreams, but once you have selected a school of choice, the decisions are not over yet. You have to choose housing, classes and even what clubs to join. A lot of first-time students, or freshmen, will probably say that they don’t want to join a club but the clubs are a good way to enhance the college experience for students. 

Clubs have many benefits for students. They could help with meeting new people and networking. It could also look good on a resume and help you in your dream career. There are many different clubs for many different majors and interests. Some clubs are exclusive to specific majors, but a lot of them are open to any student on campus.  

This is a good opportunity to learn new things, or just try them out and see what you like. A lot of people will come to a club meeting once or twice and decide that it is not for them, and there is nothing wrong with that. There are plenty of other clubs to go and try out.  

A lot of students don’t join clubs for multiple reasons. They have too much homework, or they are shy and don’t like the idea of sitting in a room with complete strangers. Another reason is the COVID-19 pandemic. People want to stay away from people they don’t know in order to stay safe from the virus. These reasons are completely understandable; however, you could be missing out on an opportunity to expand your experience and make college memorable. 

That is why I believe that more students should join clubs. There are so many things students can get involved with. Also, a lot of colleges have a process where if a student wants to start a new club, they can and see if others join. This is a great way to meet people with common interests and meet people that will help make college better for students. Clubs are a very easy, fun and efficient way to expand your learning, meet new friends and have some fun.  

There is a link to student clubs and organizations offered at Kirkwood on MyHub. Just scroll down to “Life on Campus” and click “Clubs & Organizations”. So, I encourage you to go to a meeting for a club that sounds interesting or email the advisor. Get some information to see if it is just right for you.  

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