Creative ways to celebrate Halloween as an adult

Halloween is a whimsical and spooky time of the year for many children. Every year new costumes are brought out to store shelves and advertised throughout the internet. Pumpkins are carved, various houses and cornfields are “haunted” and mountains of candy are freely distributed to hordes of little goblins, princesses and superheroes. 

With that being said, is Halloween meant for children, or are there ways that adults are able to show their spirit?   

Although many adults feel like Halloween is a “kids holiday,” there is no shortage of ways to celebrate. You are never too old to carve a pumpkin; grab a few and carve one with your friends. Do you have a creative side? Make your own costume. 

There are numerous haunted venues in the area to patronize and trips to a local pumpkin patch make for a pleasant afternoon. Do you enjoy cooking and baking? Whip up some festive treats like caramel apples or decorate some sugar cookies. 

There are numerous scary movies out there, ranging from silly to downright terrifying. Why not host a mini marathon? Is horror not your thing? Other ways adults are able to get involved in the Halloween spirit may include decorating their homes, apartments or offices with spooky-themed ornamentation. 

You can also get involved in the community and one of the many ways to show your Halloween spirit during the month of October can be participating in the Trunk or Treat event on campus. Trunk or Treat is a great opportunity for students, adults and community members to get involve during the month of October.  Student in campus clubs and organizations are invited to decorate their cars as well as wear an optional Halloween costume. For more information on participating, contact Student Life. 

As an adult Halloween may not have the same effect that those magical, sugar-fueled days of the past offered, however, there are many ways to stay festive during this time of year.

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