Dormitories: A soft landing for freshmen

Starting college can be difficult for many reasons. For most students, it’s the first time they’ve ever lived away from home. They are taking on a class load that is challenging and time consuming. They are meeting new people and starting new ventures every day.

As a way for students to relieve some of the stress at the start of their freshman year, Kirkwood Community College needs a dormitory for incoming students.

Peace of mind is a benefit for students living in a dorm. It is important for students and their families that they feel safe while attending Kirkwood.

In 2015, at the Kirkwood Courts Apartments, authorities found a student with gunshot wounds and transported him to the hospital. Security, campus police and a front desk attendant would act as a first line of defense and would allow a sense of security knowing that they and their belongings are safe.

In most dormitories students are able to purchase a meal plan. This is crucial because having access to nutritious food is necessary after studying, class, or work. On the contrary, in an apartment, you need a way to obtain groceries. Not every student has a car or the ability to get them. The opportunity to get food for a busy student would alleviate stress and would be one less thing to worry about. In a dorm, there are opportunities to buy cheap snacks or vending for on the go meals. This would take away the need for constantly going out for fast food or getting food delivered to your place which would end up costing more and being unhealthier.

In most circumstances dormitories are more affordable than apartment living due to the added amenities, such as laundry, high speed Wi-Fi, a gym and parking. Paying rent every month for an apartment can be a challenge for a student learning to have a budget for the first time. Most times a dormitory is paid for once each semester, alleviating the need to pay monthly.

Kirkwood is continuously growing and access to living in a dormitory would help students with transition. Kirkwood provides support in many areas such as academic and social. This would be another way to enrich student life on campus.

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